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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à une personne ayant un entretien chez Dairy Queen?

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Don't even go

Réponse du - Front Line and Drive Thru server (Former Employee) - Langley, BC

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- Be confident in yourself
- Bring your resume
- Ask questions
- Have a general knowledge of dairy queen
- Answer every question asked by your employer

Réponse du - Front Cashier, Drive-thru Cashier, Food (Former Employee) - Calgary, AB

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Be chill. They don’t care

Réponse du - Chill worker (Former Employee) - Niverville, MB

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Know that it is very busy in the summer, also very hot, you will probably work most weekends

Réponse du - Cashier and Customer Service (Current Employee) - Dartmouth, NS

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I can only speak for this exact location, but if you apply to the New West location, know what you’re signing up for. The small team is very “cliquey”. Have tough skin and don’t take things too personally when supervisors bash you.

Réponse du - Cashier (Former Employee) - New Westminster, BC

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Being polite and punctual is an asset to them

Réponse du - Cashier (Current Employee) - Embrun, ON

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Some advice would be to not give up. its going to be hard when you first start not knowing how to do everything. and if something is happening make sure you talk to the manager and get it straightened out.

Réponse du - Fast Food Worker (Former Employee) - Lloydminster, AB

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Confidence is key

Réponse du - Slimmon road - General Staff member (Current Employee) - Saskatoon, SK

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Just relax & answer the questions truthfully and just be yourself

Réponse du - Cashier (Former Employee) - Sydney, NS

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Keep your nose clean and just do your job

Réponse du - Cashier (Part-time) (Former Employee) - Chatham-Kent, ON

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