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    Hui Zhi
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    1001 to 5,000
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Education & Instruction

English Teacher
23,04 $ par heure
English As A Second Language Teacher
18,80 $ par heure
50 000 $ par an
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ESL teacher in Edmonton, AB
le 13 juin 2019
Hours are terrible
I worked at 3 am to 6 am mountain standard ... even though the work was ok, I found myself exhausted , as they book you solid for those 3 hours. Assessments must be completed on your own time. Feedback from the company was hard to understand.. but overall if you’re a night owl then this job would be for you as they have other shifts as well from midnight onward till 6/7 am ...
Online English Instructor in Côte-Saint-Luc, QC
le 24 août 2020
DadaABC was my first Online English Teaching Job and I loved it.
DadaABC did everything that they said they would. After teaching with them for 2 years, they asked me to take A TESOL Course and the Test. They renewed my contract several times until I got Pneumonia and was hospitalized so, I had to cancel the contract. They were very friendly and accepted whatever happened without question.
Online English Teacher in Laval, QC
le 29 août 2019
My experience has been a very positive one!
I know that some people do not have a positive experience with DaDa or they encounter issues at some point, but my experience has been great so far. I started last year and have just signed my second contract as I like the fact that I have a set schedule where I work in the mornings and I have had most of my regulars with me for a year now.
Tutor in Toronto, ON
le 17 juin 2019
Lists of Duties
Great company Flexible hours but mostly for stay at home Moms looking to earn side income, have to be up early and at the desk 15 mins early checking in. Working with kids that want to learn makes a plus plus!!
English Teacher in Remote
le 2 mai 2019
The worst online teaching company
I honestly can't believe that I have lasted as long as I have working for this horrible company (8/9 months). First of all, the hiring process takes forever. The management never seems to understand what's going on or they really are just super lazy. Once you're hired, chances are the amount they offer you will be much lower than other online teaching companies. There is a set schedule, which is difficult to change so you must be sure about your availability for the next 6 months... which is impossible for any human, I mean c'mon. Then, god forbid you get sick or have to take time off for anything because you will be penalised. They deduce your pay even when you're not cancelling specific classes that have already been booked, but just merely requesting a day off. Hopefully you never run into any technical issues or questions about the website/app/job/courseware/etc. since the teacher CO is very unhelpful. Feels like you're still talking to a computer generated message even when it's a human. Also, you have no control over the subject matter. Some parents sign their kids up for a lesson that is way above their level...but you have to suffer through it anyway. Contacting DaDa about a request to have that changed is a waste of your time. Some of the lessons are like 4 slides with basically 6 vocab words. This is for a 30 min lesson!!! Or the things on the lesson are absolutely ridiculous to be teaching an early English learner. Looks like they just threw together slides in 2 minutes. Overall, the management is more than unhelpful. There are basically no benefits compared to a company like VIPKid. Please just be smarter than me and don't waste your time with this company.
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