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3.9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great Experience

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While the experience of working there was not so long, it was a great learning experiences. The management team however micro manages and sadly leaves less room for personal creative freedom and growth.
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Long Hours, Low Salary, No Advancement

Weekly work hours are 40 hours full time in the office, no working from home, not 37.50 hours, meaning that you do not get overtime paid until after you finished 40 hours. They advertise themselves having "hybrid flexible work environment". Standard 15 days off (including sick days), benefit wise they DO NOT include massage therapy in their medical plan. I used to work from companies that had 20 days off including sick leave and flexible hour arrangement. However, I believe if you find the right team and department, the pay and the work arrangement may be better. You will get to 20 days off after 5 years of service. Good luck!

Points positifs

Nice people

Points négatifs

Long hours, low pay, benefit has no massage therapy, No flexible hours, Work in office all the time
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The workplace was toxic

I was a teller and unfortunately the majority of management were extremely toxic to work for. Very judgmental, condescending and racist. I would not work there again. The job itself was pleasant but the training was not done well and made it hard for me to understand things.
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Professional work environment

Canadian Western Bank is an exceptional organization. The executive management team is well established in the community and combines extensive experience in finance with progressive business practices.
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CWB is a pretty lame company to work for

I really did not enjoy my years at CWB and the culture of the company. It feels like a really lame version of a bank and most people assume it's a credit union. The products are hard to sell and Corporate office is incredibly difficult to deal with. Policy is written on the spot. It feels like a place where crusty old bankers from other FI's end up when they want an easier job.
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Productive and focus on employees work balance.

Good work culture to advance your career and the management help in personal development of its employees. Co-workers are very helpful if you need assistance.
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Working here was great the people are nice ans the offices were always clean. Thank you for the opportunity. anyone would be lucky to have a job here.
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great place to work.

CWB is a great place to work. Benefits are one of the top in the industry. Offers great work environment. Both management, job culture are world class.
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Productive and fun workplace.

One thing I enjoyed while working here was the freedom to one's creativity in proffering solution to business problems. CWB possess really smart people and it was a great to have worked with them.
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Ok Place to Work

Didn't like the culture here. very toxic environment. Was not a good fit for me. The culture here was different and very straining. Environment cold be better
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Worked during a time of monumental internal change

CWB felt like a family. Great effort was made in Change management for all employees when the banking system was replaced. I feel the organization did a great job with implementation and follow through.
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Good management and work balanced

The most enjoyable part of this job was team work, good management and good beneficent. Flaxable business hours, lots over time, company will pay you school fees for job related.
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Fun place to work, work culture makes you feel like part of one big family

Its a great place to work Work culture makes you feel like one big family Highly collaborative and supportive teams Injection of fun here and there Work/Life balance
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Productive and welcoming workplace

In a competitive and hard-working environment, I found it easy to fit in and thrive. They were welcoming and strongly valued mentorship. I would recommend Canadian Western Bank to friends and family.
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Managers are trained to coach and help you succeed

I had to leave CWB to move back to my home town, where there wasn't a branch. Otherwise I would still be there. They are glowing fast and going through many changes but they are doing it with respect to their staff and keeping everyone informed along the way
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Its a good and productive environment

Its a good and productive environment, you learn a lot and produce a lot. in general it is a good experience however it depends to locations and teams.
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Meets Expectations

Ever since I worked with Canadian Western Bank, my work performance is always Meets Expectations. Work with less supervision, always a Team Player and over all and above loyal to the company.
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A rare Canadian FI outside of the Toronto area

A rare Canadian FI outside of the Toronto area. Small bank that is still transforming to increase local market share. Actively attempting to embrace the trends and practises of the bigger boys.
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It was a nice place to work

I loved the work at Canadian Western Bank in Edmonton, Alberta. I loved the team work and the collaboration and cooperation of all those who worked with me.
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Gret Place to work, if the Managment wasnt so terrible.

Managers micro manages everything you do. Systems are outdated, they go down a lot. The work environment is terrible, they make you come in early two times a week for meetings that are 80% of the time not usefully or relevant. Managers are all buddies and treat the rest of the staff like slaves passing off all the work they don't want to do so they can spend more time chatting. They love to focus on the negative and never tell you when you are doing a good job. They talk badly about clients that don't have a high credit score or they just don't like. They degrade their employees that work under them. Working as a team doesn't happen in this location. No room for advancement at that location either. They hire their friends with out even giving proper interviews. They take the social fund money that comes out of your pay and put it towards stuff they want to do and don't involve the rest of the staff. Branch Manager, and Branch supervisors need to learn how to treat all staff fairly.
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Great people; Family style company

CWB cares about their employees and sees everyone as part of the family. They are in a growth cycle for the next several years so job security for performers is all but guaranteed. Because it was a smaller company, the salaries are a bit behind the industry standards for some positions. The benefits are top notch and there are very attractive financial benefits if you decide to move your banking / mortgage with them. Some employees have been there for many, many years which gives great stability for some processes but also can create an environment of 'we don't do that here' on some fronts. Undergoing a lot of change currently - very busy.

Points positifs

Open leadership; family structured culture; equal opportunity employer; growth cycle

Points négatifs

Lower than standard salary for some roles; some 'cowboy' work by leaders
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