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L''ambiance de travail est pas très bonne, beaucoup de personnes négative, Pas de place a l'avancement

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Reer et bonne assurance médicamants

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Travail dans un mileu ou il fait froid
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Corporate Drive

Though the Branch has some good managers, Cummins overall doesn't value its employees or help them succeed. It's all about the Corporate push and meeting unreasonable KPI's when Customers and employees are unhappy and should be the real focus.
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What is the best part of working at the company?A very healthy environment to work. Everyone is willing to listen and assist you.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?If you’re lazy and don’t take safety measures seriously What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very welcoming and accommodating What is a typical day like for you at the company?Excitement and eager to complete my daily task
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This company can and will be a struggle at times seems to be no direction !!

What is the best part of working at the company?My position was based on trust! and Getting to know the customers . What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Micro managing ! Can’t get any answers? What is the work environment and culture like at the company?You’re pretty much on your own !! there’s no reaching out to anybody for any kind of matters !! What is a typical day like for you at the company?Cover your calls pretty much same old just a different day !! If you finish your pms early you get a bonus but the tax man will take most of it!! And when you do the math it doesn’t add to much!! Not much of a Incentive .. since you will just have to do other techs ? pms
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not a good place

not what it once was. upper management has ruined everyones moral. walking on eggshells everyday. no praise for a hard job completed. always wants more no matter what you do
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Good place to gain experience. Not perfect but plenty of potential. Plenty of work within a shift. Plenty of in-house trainings.
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Time Flexibility, career growth

Fair pay, Bonus, Educational ProgramFlexible workinternal positionscompany eventsonsite parkingEV charging stationsWFH availabilityFair vacation.Good Management
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Great place, good people, top money

Good atmosphere and you cant the beat money. Working on high horsepower engines 99 percent of the time. Site work mostly and benifit plan is the down sides.
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Good Job

Cummins hired me and was said they would train me for the position. Upon being hired they stopped training me and moved me to a different lower level position (even though I was adamant I wanted the position I applied for). Cummins then put an add up for the position they hired me for and the add said "no experience needed". Management showed extremely low character. Other than that great place to work and nice co-workers.

Points positifs

Excellent Company

Points négatifs

Poor Management
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No pressure to assemble an engine faster and faster if your work steady and not stand around talking .

As a high horse power engine rebuilder , you need to take pride in your work and every thing you do has to be done 100 % because its you alone that assembles the engine from beginning to end and you do not want it to fail its 4 hour load test . If it does you might be taken off the assembly line and be placed in engine tear down or engine parts cleaning area . So every engine you do ,you rebuild it like you are doing it for your self and its going to last for ever.Coming in every day ,you never worry about what you are working on not like in the truck shop where jobs only last 2 or 3 days . These big engines take up to 4 weeks to assemble . Every day is totally different . Not like an assembly line where you only put one item on ,then move to your next engine . I could never do that . Only a few people are lucky enough to get this job.

Points positifs

The pros is every thing is clean and brand new when you start the job .

Points négatifs

You never get all your parts you had on the list you made, so your wasting a lot of time asking parts where are they and when are they coming
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Busy but good

Paid well and kept us busy. I hear lots has changed but was good when it was Cummins Alberta, a lot has changed when it changed hands . Good training and lots of time off
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Dont expect something like fortune 500 company at Mississauga location

Dont expect something like fortune 500 company at Mississauga. Higher management is blindfolded by the local mangement. Culture is grappled by by pitty office politics.
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collabrative work place

Great environment, work life balance,working on new technology gives you exposure to future hydrogen techniques. Proper training is provided before diving into the project.
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Hands down best place I’ve worked and there are a lot of benefits to working gere

What is the best part of working at the company?Work place culture is amazing What is the most stressful part about working at the company?A lot of new products , lots of trainingWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Amazing great place to work I love itWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Fast paced, lots of work to do
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Excellent place to workThey’ve usually had some experience with this company, including a purchase, use, or a conversation with their customer service team.In their review, customers usually describe their experience, how the company treated them, talk about the quality of the product, and say whether they’d recommend this company or not.Companies regularly collect feedback from customers and post reviews on their websites. Customers can also leave reviews on some websites specialized for review collection.But what makes a positive review?A positive review expresses overall satisfaction with a product, service, or experience, highlighting specific aspects the reviewer enjoyed or found beneficial. It often includes personal experiences, constructive feedback, and recommendations for others. Written in a genuine tone and well-structured format, a positive review helps guide potential customers and provides valuable insights to businesses for improvement
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Outdated Concepts and redundent work

The technology seems outdated and you're working in a financial quarter rather than having a stable job.Promotions are through the solicitation of quoitus and laundering company time with extramarital affairs.socio-racial discrepancies, as well as disorganization.

Points positifs

free coffee

Points négatifs

lack of sure administration, administration is racial and cultural
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Productive workplace

Good company to start your career. Good overall benefits provided, growth depends on yearly review with manager. if you want to learn new things always welcome to change thé department.
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pretty good

i got to work lots of hours while completing enjoyable and fulfilling tasks. People were nice and the boss was laid back. I would recommend working here if you can.
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Do yourself a favor and stay very clear from this Company. Management does not know what they're doing, they will micro-manage you and won't have your back.
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Kind people, good work.

They were accommodating and patient. It's a busy environment, differents aspects to learn, the pay is average depending on your role. I enjoyed my time working there
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Was amazing until they were bought by Cummins inc

Worked there for many years, the first 6 were amazing. Awesome owners and great managers. Then Cummins bought the distributorship. Everyone was so unhappy, running around with their head cut off, crying, lots on sick leave. Saw some many of these ladies crying in the bathroom. The morale was extremely low. I wouldn’t recommend working there if the same managers are still there.

Points positifs

Great place to start

Points négatifs

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