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Assembly Worker (Barrie, ON)
le 21 juin 2021
no a good 3
fast packed and underpaid this is how I would describe CSR Cosmetic, rude workers reminded me on high school. I really thought it was very chic. I was let go for no reason treated unfair.
Line service, material handling. (Barrie, ON)
le 13 juillet 2021
Stress full work environment.
Management are not that great. Hr department doest know what they are doing. You get no proper training, u get yelled for mistakes when they don’t train you well. They would let u go if you are not fast or good for them Remember they don’t train you proper. Under pay for a factory u only getting payed $15 an hour. When COVID-19 started they won’t proper give employees information about it especially when u have cases at work you end up find out days later that someone was positive and u might have been exposed to it.
Assembler (Barrie, ON)
le 7 mai 2021
(I was an assembler) This is the lowest scored company I’ve seen here and I can’t believe I stayed for more than two years
Csr will suck you in, chew you up, and spit you out. This job has made me feel drained by the end of the day and intensely by the end of the week. There are good days too but only because I found the good people and ignore the rude ones. But even then at the end of the day it’s not a great place to work. Once you gain seniority (which only takes a few months since they have high turnover) you will have steady 40 hours/week with overtime opportunities, and you’ll get benefits. I worked here for a few years and got a 20 cent raise. I worked so hard while I watched others refuse to learn certain tasks (paperwork) and yet we made the same amount. Even after promises from the plant manager about incremental raises every few months based on performance, I saw one twenty cent raise and nothing else, same with my peers. This is probably the most frustrating part since you get to the point mentally where you say at least I have a job that pays the bills (barely) and everyone agrees, and jokes about it. If you work here expect nothing good so you won’t be let down. And try not to take it too seriously/personally when these things start effecting you. Hopefully things change with new management.But yes it’s an ok job with some good people that’s easily accessible, so do whatever floats your boat I guess.
Production Worker (Barrie, ON)
le 27 mars 2021
They dont care nor do they have ambition
horrible place, got let go for trying to defend myself when I was being mistreated, if its something you want temporary you should be fine, was told I'd be getting 50 cents more for my position i was in and was still making the same as a line worker
Raw material handler (149 victoria st)
le 8 février 2021
No job security
Got fired because I was working to fast. What! This job does not care about you, they don't even tell us when there are multiple covid cases at work. Bad management, no communication, dangerous work environment, many health and safety violations, poor pay, always told to do other departments jobs, handling toxic chemical's every day. This place will either make you go nuts or destroy your health. I tried my hardest but it never seemed like it was enough. Good riddance not going to miss it

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