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3.6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Silo teams

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No interaction between teams. Bureaucratic. Takes long time to get approvals. Business stakeholders don't respect technology teams . Most teams have a database under their desk in their own systems

Points positifs

brand name

Points négatifs

slow pace
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Not as inclusive as they say

The work culture is old fashion and punitive. Depending on your role there is a huge concern of being de-skilled. Pay and benefits are generous and bonus is quite good. However, if you leave the company you might not be as competitive with your peers in the job market. The work culture is not as diverse and inclusive as they like and they do not crack down on inappropriate behaviour.

Points positifs

Generous benefits and above industry pay

Points négatifs

Senior managers and above get away with inappropriate behaviour, company org structure is disproportionate including mostly senior people
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One of the most stressful places

The place doesn’t respect your work/personal balance .. no transparency.. disrespectful directors and management .. it is reflection of the upper management messages percolating down ..

Points positifs

Good money

Points négatifs

No stability or transparency
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Great place to work

Great team , lots of in house training and seminar . Able to meet with people from other departments. Flexible with work from home and supportive . I would recommend this place
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New CTO has not clue what she is doing

Worst CTO ever met, start multiple projects in not just different but contrary directions. Dictate what she wants and barely hear what other senior staff said. Bring her buddy in, kick out good people, bring her consultant firm in, kick out existing excellent vendor.
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Great workplace

Awesome work environment to develop your career and learn new skills. Great supportive management who has the employees interest at heart. Totally reccomend.
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Overall Experience

Working at CPPIB was great. I really enjoyed my time here. My team was wonderful and work was not very stressful. full control on job/life balance, closer to eaton centre so location was awesome.
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Productive and fun workplace

Very team oriented culture, management very approachable. Excellent work environment for employees. Dynamic leadership that is very considerate about employee wellbeing.
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Very Stressful Environment

This company has a weird culture. The manager who hired me was excellent. After another manager took over our team, the culture was completely changed - very stressful.
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A high performing, collaberative organization with the highest integrity.

It was an honour and privilege to have had the opportunity to work at the CPPIB. It is first class organization that cares about employees and a place where what you do and how you perform matters to every Canadian.
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Great working place

Great working place. Over all I like the company.Dynamic working environment. Work and life balance. Great working experience with the company. Recommend working here.
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compensation is good but constant changes and long hours

People are good. System and process can be improved Pros: salaries, benefits, defined contribution pension Cons: things are always changing; hours can be long
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A very Political and toxic workplace

Lot of hierarchy, people concentrate more on playing politics than doing work. Bunch of incapable employees who are taking home a lot of money and doing no work. Non deserving people holding management roles with no vision or focus.
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Best place to work

best place to work in Toronto financial services market. Fast paced, lean, focussed. No unnecessary bureaucracy. Great people, team work, team spirit. Excellent benefits
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Great salary, toxic envirinment.

There is a favouritism to employees who have been there from the beginning, warranted or not. And these employee's arrogance and high handed treatment of other staff is unparalleled. If an employee reports this treatment or objects to it, you soon find your position eliminated due to "reorganization", a favourite catch phrase of the CPPIB. This was the worst experience of my career.

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Points négatifs

Favourtism to long standing employees, whether warranted or not.
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Worst company

It used to be a good place but now it is horrible. Very poor leadership No management No work life balance Full time employees can abuse Contractors openly.

Points positifs

Technology is good

Points négatifs

Anybody can abuse you
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Is a good company to work at.

This company is very professional. The staff are well organized and make sure communicate when meetings are to take place. There is a good sense of getting along.
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nepotism as it's worst

do not recommend working here...career progression solely based on who you know and not credibility bad leadership and upper management big 'face time' culture no work flexibility
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Working with time sensitive goals

The most enjoyable part of the job is working with your co-workers, learning and leveraging their strengths to achieve goals. The hardest part of the job is the occasional long hours needed to meet tight deadlines. Overall, a good learning experience for traditional corporate office operations but lacks innovation and open-mindedness due hierarchical structure that often block or limit communication channels and minimal skills in change management during rapid growth spurts.

Points positifs

Good learning experience

Points négatifs

Egocentric Leaders and Management, High Micromanagement
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Excellent Place!

A great place to absorb yourself in the latest and greatest of technologies. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to work for a top employer.
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Culture used to be great, now horrible

Entrenched power, constant restructurings, job uncertainty, political mess, no accountability (other private funds have carry to address this), way too bureaucratic
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3.6Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
4.2Salaire / avantages sociaux
3.4Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
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