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Quelle est la politique en termes de congés payés chez Courtyard by Marriott?

3 réponses

  • I believe it is 2 weeks but as I am not getting the fill time hours I was hired for my vacation pay was less that it should have been.

  • You are entitled to 2 weeks after 12 months of working with the employer. Therefore when I worked 11 months and asked for 7 days off for a family vacation they were informed in the interview about. I got eyes rolled at me and huffs and puffs and told that’s a busy week and she might not be able to give me that off because she won’t have enough people to work. That is not my fault. As an employer you should be doing your job properly and make sure you have enough workers for situations like this. She ended up giving me it off. Meanwhile their was a female under me on the seniority list that has been working with the company for 5 months not even half of a year just went on a 2 week vacation.

  • You get a week after being there a year but i never used it because i left because of the toxic environment

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