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Je recommande cet employeur a ceux qui n'ont pas peur des défis. Doit être rapidement autonome. La première évaluation est stressante parce que c'est la ton avenir continue chez Costco ou s'arrête là !
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Difficult to work with

The stability and structure costco brings is excellent, the biggest problem is the In fighting within the staff and jealousy between staff.The day to day structure is by far the best I've ever seen or worked with. It's simply the management that needs the work
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Hard Work gets rewarded

There was a lot to do while stocking morning merch, but putting the effort into it gets rewarded. Awesome managers, great employees too! It was a great job and great benefits as well.
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Good pay but bad culture

Management and tge xulture need some working on and the work to life balance is horrible , could have been my location though as its the newest in my area but idk.

Points positifs

Free membership

Points négatifs

Long slow passed hours
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It's a job in retail

It was nice to work for this company. Always busy and fast paced. Low turn over rate and good employee benefits. If you enjoy working in customer service this is the employer for you
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Hard, stressful work

Worked in the Food Court during seasonal period. Job definetly keeps you busy and constantly occupied. Will be dealing with constant stream of orders due to the kiosk system and often you are constantly trying to catch up on orders.
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Environnement agréable

Beaucoup d'employé alors facile de se faire des amis. Bonne rémunération pour des postes sans diplomes.

Points positifs

Prime de salaire les dimanches (4$/h de + )

Points négatifs

Travail qui demande à être debout toute la journée
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Fast-paced workplace

Costco is a high demanding job, it is great exercise and will keep you moving 100% of the time with something to do. Good if you enjoy talking to the public and making small talk and interacting with coworkers. Unloading and loading carts can be overwhelming just due to the bulk nature of the warehouse and it is very strenuous at times but there is always someone to help if you are not comfortable. It is a corporate environment.
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Productive and fun workplace

It’s a fast faced department but fun! They treat everyone equally. Management is very supportive, will encourage and give you a lot of opportunities and trainings to succeed. Good benefits and a lucrative job!
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Nepotism runs this company. People who are well related to execs or are friends with them get promotions faster than anyone else. Besides that are associates are friendly. You can meet a ton of great people at Costco. 4/5.
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Fun place to work

Good environment and good pay. The coworkers are really nice and the managers are very understanding. I highly recommend it. ALso, they pay $17.50 an hour which is really good. They are also very understanding with vacations but just give them a 3 weeks notice. I love my job even though customers are not very kind.
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Fun workplace but gets hectic/stressful during busy hours

Fun workplace with fun coworkers. Managers vary as some are nice and down to earth while others couldn’t care less about your personal needs. Pay is fair while the workload seems a bit on the higher side as they expect a lot from their workers. They seek perfection and quality workers.
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Where to begin?

I have been paid as a technician the minimum wage before this and I would still prefer to work there as opposed to Costco. Ableism is the main reason I was let go, they didn’t like that I wasn’t an extroverted employee, management is also unable/unwilling to implement a system where employees can put complaints against clients who verbally abuse or even hit them during the height of the Pandemic.
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Productive and Fast paced

Flexible schedule, decent enough pay and hours. Within the Bakery there is an unfortunate standard of relying too much on the more productive workers instead of equalizing out the workload so it becomes a quick lesson in doing just the bare minimum unless you want to be buried alive with extra work.Evening shifts are brutal. A perpetual balancing act of completing wrapping (that should of been finished way earlier in the day) while trying to have enough time to clean.
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Productive and fun workplace

Very fast pace environment. Good pay, hours, and benefits. Employees are hard workers and nice to work with. Time pass by too fast because of how busy it gets.

Points positifs

Great benefits

Points négatifs

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Good place to work but very fast pace

Very fast pace environment with constant scrutiny from manager. Good pay, good hours depending on location and what department you work in. If in merchandise department good physical health is required, lots of heavy lifting.
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Fun place to work

It’s a good starting job. You meet a lot of people. Workers there are friendly. A lot of diversity (age, ethnicity,etc). Time pass fast if you work with your friends.

Points positifs

Good salary Make a lot of friends

Points négatifs

Poor management Standing all shift
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Constant Push

A lot cool coworkers. But Costco's top value is "reward our shareholders." And that really comes clear. They will push their staff to extremes to increase output. A common joke with co-workers was that you can always do more. No matter how good or fast you get, there is always another level. Some managers are pretty nice and reasonable but one was like a boot camp leader, no exaggeration. You could be ripping so hard that you had sweat pouring down your back and they would come in and blast about taking things to the next level of output, putting it into another gear. Well there is nothing beyond turbo.

Points positifs

Cool co-workers. Higher wages if you stay for a long time. Clean environment.

Points négatifs

Super hard work, always a push. Especially during stocking after store closed.
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Best job I’ve ever worked other than Domino’s

Manager’s / Supervisor’s are wonderful. They are super flexible with work and personal life and treat you like a human being. Everyone on the job is usually in a good mood and I would gladly work there again in the future.
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good hot dogs

title the hot dogs are delicious and theyre only a dollar fifty which is a great deal with inflation and all and theyre big too you know what else is big
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Good place to work if interested in benefits and working there for majority of years.

Good HR, Helpful Employees, Nice place to work for security and benefits, Decent Pay, Good Work Environment only Con is it’s hard to get advancements unless you have past experience even when you might be more suitable for the job.
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