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Why did you leave your job at Costco Wholesale?

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  • They fire everybody one week before your probation was over , we worked so hard for nothing they used us in Langley BC , stay away from Langley Costco

  • The management (one manager in particular) in Medicine Hat thinks they walk on water, all they do is complain but offload the work on us. Legal suits between a manager and his female employees, and customers. It’s all about sales, sales, sales, affairs, favouritism, lies. I left and never looked back.

  • Manager, favoritism, manager has their favorites and waited to long to get full tim have a family to look after.

  • You work very hard , its stressful but if you do 99 things perfect and 1 thing wrong, you may as well did them all wrong. Very poor management, hs a lot to learn when it comes to being fair and treating with respect. You would think he is paying you out of his pocket. Most supervisors are the blame, some deserve it some dont. Avoid

  • Maybe because of favoritism, and always pt never ft.

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  • They used me to help with a move from one location to another and 3 days before my probation was up all of a sudden wasn’t suited for the position. At Xmas time too! Sick people but the management definitely were inhuman. Sad.

  • To much favoritism. The management is very hard to work with, you cant satisfied anyone. My co workers were great made lots of friends but we all felt the same
    It's a no win situation.

  • The managers care for no one no empathy or anything. It's just get sales.
    Very stressful.

  • I'm I stress leave because my manager is horrible and they play mind games with you and try to make you feel like you're to blame.

  • Had to go for surgery and they couldn't give me the time off, so I quit.

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  1. Why did you leave your job at Costco Wholesale?