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What are the perks offered by Costco Wholesale?

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  • Mo benefits gor part time full time will take you 2 plus years

  • Its will be years to get full time. All that you hear about Costco being g a great place isnt the same at all locations. NL is the best, NS is the worse.

  • None if your not full time

  • The higher pay/ free benefits/ free membership for you and 2 family members isn't worth the stress they put on you

  • Good healt benefits and bonus

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  • Possibilities of advancement, movement between different jobs within the warehouse . Above industry wages the longer you work

  • Benefits on comparable levels as full time employees, internal hiring and promotions is a core value among managers.

    The best perk of all though is the free Membership after your probation. I save so much on groceries and car insurance each year thanks to that sweet little black card.

  • Great upward mobility
    Generous pay


    Bonuses after a set number of hours worked

  • Sunday extra pay $4

  • Costco does give you a free membership if you're an employee there, along with 2 other memberships as long as they live in the same household as you.

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  1. What are the perks offered by Costco Wholesale?