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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Costco Wholesale?

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  • Have a seperate department for employees to report abuse and harrasment from managers and supervisors because many Managers are out of line. Improve Safety everywhere. Make Managers enlist in Communication classes periodically so they will communicate effectively with every employee.

  • Donner des promotions

  • Have HR actually take the employee's side. Make manager's accountable for their inappropriate unprofessional actions. They only care about numbers numbers you pull in and the moment you stick up for yourself, your manager will doctor them just so he can get on you, and no one will help you.

  • Manager should give at list 30-32 hrs a week.

  • Extend opportunities part timers and seasonal employees

  • Making sure every one feels right about coming in to work.

  • Work with employees

  • There is no particular reason for me leaving this job, the workplace is good as it is.

  • I would suggest them to improve the departmental transfers, as their are employees who would be a better asset in a position which suits their profile.

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