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Si vous deviez quitter Costco Wholesale, quelle en serait la raison?

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  • Horrible management..not worth it to working here especially if you are a part time worker. Disgusted to the utmost with this company!!! Racist, racist,and pure racist!

  • Lack of appreciation for the work I do and the effort I put in, that management & supervisors don't care how hard you work - if you put one foot wrong, they write you up and threaten you with counselling letters for miniscule and minor things/mistakes. they take the side of the people with seniority and that if you have a grievance or issue with a particular supervisor, even if they are being rude, they blame you. Unless that problem is with a member, your supervisor who is besties with that supervisor & management don't care & will do and say things to drive you out. favortism and cliques are rife at this place and most of the people can't be trusted, because if you say anything that worries or bothers you, it spreads like wildfire in the breakroom & next thing you know, you find yourself in the firing line. that's why I am planning on getting out of here. Pay is high for a reason - it's because you have put up with a lot of unsavoury stuff from some members of staff & to keep your mouth shut & to do the work.

  • I am leaving b/c favoritism is rampant - including upper management.
    Long term employees discriminate, sexually harrass & heaven forbid you report.

    Don't bother.

  • I would be totally retired from the work force..

  • I’m proud to say I’ve been a hard working devoted employee for a decade. But the company has changed so drastically in the last few years. When in first started working at Costco it was very much a family oriented workplace that cared about letting their employees spend time with their families. It has now become a company that only looks at their dollar. They cut hours to all employees when sales are low. It’s impossible to have a healthy lifestyle because at a shins notice (even with a decade of seniority) Management will change your work schedule so you work until 11:30pm at the beginning of the week and you must start work at 4am at the end of the week. This also makes seeing your family very hard. Politics in the workplace makes getting any promotion very difficult. At one point promotions were given based on skills and seniority. Now even if you have skills and seniority it doesn’t necessarily matter.
    Overall, the general atmosphere amongst many employees is that we feel over worked, under staffed, and under appreciated. I’d love to stay and work for the company, but I feel my time should be given to another company that respects more for the hard work I put in.

  • I'm planning on leaving due to Poor Communication almost all the time from Management/Supervisors to Employees. Favoritism to some employees and disrespect for all other employees. Unrealistic expectations for my department. Morale is low because some managers treat employees with disrespect.The way some Managers talk to employees (tone & words) borders on harrasment and abuse. Many Members are Rude and self centered and think Employees are their slaves. I've raised my safety concerns to Management and Management disregarded my safety concerns. Management does very little to solve issues or concerns in general. Not enough staff overall.

  • I was treated like garbage , the supervisors were horrible humans , they fired every new person just before their 3 months probation, even amazing workers they don’t like to pay benefits, it was an eye opening experience, just horrible people in Langley BC

  • Management are bullies and use intimidation. They claim to have an open door policy but they don't. You'll get labelled and ignored till you leave. Don't work in Ancaster Ontario they are the worst

  • Managers, favoritism, family hire and it takes to long to get full time

  • Be a great worker and do good at your job and to all customers

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  1. Si vous deviez quitter Costco Wholesale, quelle en serait la raison?