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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de Costco Wholesale pour améliorer l'entreprise?

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  • I will provide some 20 %coupons one time use in month on cart, as walmart is doing so the sale will increase and customer will be happy.

  • Please Improve Safety at every Costco. I'm almost certain that every Costco needs to be updated so each building is safe as well as all employees and members. Please provide all Managers and Supervisors with Communication Training. Hold Managers/Supervisors accountable for Harassment and Abuse. Enforce a zero tolerance for any form of Harassment or Abuse by any Employee in or on costco property. All employees deserve to feel Safe working at Costco.

  • Fire everybody running the place in Langley BC distribution centre , we were treated like garbage , we worked so hard for nothing we all did I never felt so used in my life , never had one sick day never missed one day , never late always took over time , always did our job , but at the end they told us , we did not fit in to the family , those words are grounds for discrimination

  • Yo much favoritism in Nova Scotia Stores , poor management and some supervisors as well. Managers should be made switch locations to avoid favoritism

  • Switch managers every 2 years, they get to comfortable with workers and get there favorite. I don't know why but I know people who has been trying to get hired over 4 years in NS. Is it ignorance or favoritism ? We gave up our memberships, all our families or that very reason.

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  • Too much favoritism in the St. James store in Winnipeg for people who don't deserve it, have compassion for employees that need it. Senortiy do you really abide that Rule?

  • Managers should rotate to different stores. To much favoritism in Halifax store. Was told that if you dont get a job at one you dont get a job at any other Costco. To much of hiring off friends and college friends and not from resumes. Halifax stores are very clicky and makes it very hard for a new hire. Poor management as well as some supervisors. When a complaint is filed you should hear back or update that it was received and read
    A private call maybe


  • Should return emails, be more reachable. Review how stores hire. Been trying for years and very qualified but it not what you know its who you know. Supervisors know who they are hiring even before job gets posted, so other font have a chance. Management needs to be shifted around ,so theŕes no favoritism. Also, I cant understand why, if one Costco dont hire you no other Costco will hire you ?

  • I believe that management should be shift around, be able to answer questions about jobs and hiring. Give people a chance to prove themselves instead of having interviews and not getting back to you if you never got the job. Management and supervisors should be held accountable. Most at Halifax stores are very unprofessional.

  • Less focus on marketing more of a focus on training to ensure employees know their roles inside and out

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  1. Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de Costco Wholesale pour améliorer l'entreprise?