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Is it true that a night merchandiser can make 16 bucks an hour?

6 réponses

  • I don't know the starting wage for that department but some jobs start at a higher wage, night merch could very well start higher

  • Yes, but only after they are hired for permanent part-time. And they actually make 19 after the probationary period if they are permanently hired.

  • Yes, wages are increased according to hours worked, 16.00 per hour and more can be met.

  • Not starting wage, after a few years of working then yes

  • I believe so,

  • Every employee starts at the same rate of pay. Merchandisers get paid the same amount as a cashier or food court assistant. The pay scale goes up by hours worked not based on skills or areas unless you are a forklift driver or supervisor. I am a merchandiser and make well over 16 an hour because I have worked for the company long enough to move through the scales.

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  1. Is it true that a night merchandiser can make 16 bucks an hour?