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How are the working hours?

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  • Open, depending if you are willing to jump around departments if needed.

  • Like any retail,variable.20 to 24 per hours a week.

  • Very flexible and they were accommodating my school schedule

  • Good, you must be flexible and available when called.

  • This is a pretty broad question so it is difficult to answer it satisfactorily without saying something equally broad like "their good." The hours are decently flexible provided you are not on your probationary period. The Hours are not excessive, so you will never be told to pull Overtime shifts. But there are some times when you will be given the option of staying for Overtime in which you are understandably compensated. Part Time workers are frequently asked to stay for longer days, but they have every right to refuse and the management takes those answers quite well.The hours can range from very early in the morning with the early shift starting at 430am, to shifts starting anywhere during the day. The store usually closes around 6, but then the Nights shift begins and goes until 12am. So usually there is only about 3-4 hours a day where there is no one in the building. So there is a large variety of shifts you can take.

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  • Like any retail, variable. 25-35 hours a week depending on sales and business in general.

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  1. How are the working hours?