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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Correctional Service Canada?

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For correctional officer positions you will be asked 11 questions, plus two supplementary questions. When you first go in you will be given the questions on a piece of paper and have 16 minutes to jot notes of what you would like to say for each question. After the 16 minutes you then have one hour to go through the interview questions with the CSC interviewer(s). There will typically be two people conducting the interview. Good rule of thumb is to answer the questions 5 different ways. They are not looking for a right or wrong answer, they are looking for you to express individuality, ability, and integrity. Be yourself!

Varies depending on position but generally has a panel for each applicant after multiple exams.

It was intense with a panel of 4 Food Officers asking whatever they like regarding my supervisory skills, cooking, situational management and food knowledge. It was one against 4 very experienced chefs because they were before joining CSC as Food Officers.

One word to describe the process- 'Tough'

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