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Overworked and under payed

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Unreasonable expectations placed upon the employee, workload exceeds alotted time frame given by the employer generally having to work 14+ hours a shift to get the deliveries completed. Routes and delivery schedule not planned very well and inadequate instruction delivered with route deliveries. Pay is below average for the work you do.

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Long hours, inadequate unloading zones for deliveries (sometimes 1/2 a block away or further), no alotted time given for breaks.
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Fast-face environment

Good company with great pay package. Excellent work. Co-operative staff and dispatch. All New equipment tractors and trailers. Most of are one day trips
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Management flaws

Day of work involves deliveries to gas stations and other convenience stores Drivers share things like plugs and dollies because as management will tell you constantly they only have a 1% profit marginI was trained by a driver with 9 months experience, I have 12 years.Management seems to have 2-3 people doing the same job which causes warehouse conflicts and ends up down the line in your trailer making a messOne king manager has 3 minions doing his work, all of which is the job of one personWorkplace culture is great, the drivers are good but the management is clueless Hardest part is the physical nature combined with inept managementEnjoyable part of the job is the bonus pay

Points positifs

Solo work

Points négatifs

Terrible management
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Frustrating but fun

What is the best part of working at the company?Great Pay and 4 days schedule Lots of overtime What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Too much work assigned. Due to pay by work (stops cubes and kms) company pushing alot to get something done. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Friendly but sometimes it gets harsh as well. Depends on you how you deal itWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Definitely you would sleep well, because you ended up by doing alot of work, and earning good wage as well. Each day
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Successful at being horrible in every category

Racking system un organized No tools tonhelp succeed Broken Equipment. Broken conveyor system.A constant reminder of how clueless and rude someone can be. Reminding you of your faults at start up meeting in front of a whole group. Lacks professionalism and confidentiality. Favoritism by the main manager giving away gift cards and bravo points to those they've assisted to cheat the system just to make numbers.

Points positifs

Someone to rely demeaning you daily

Points négatifs

What pros
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Ridiculous low wage during massive inflation. Cheap af

Minimum wage is going to 19 an hr soon. Inflation is rampant, and these clowns are paying less and less.. Clueless.runs are standard and not difficult

Points positifs

average hrs good runs

Points négatifs

ridiculous pay
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Down to earth supervisor

Supervisor and manager are real good people. Caring.Company seems to be stuck in a rut, not wanting to improve warehouse for employees.Inventory dept needs major overhaul. They count prod on pallets in the racks from ground level and neither of them have MHE skills to do it otherwise.Told that printing new shelf labels was "a lot of trouble, and hard to do" , even when offering to hang them myself. Would speed up entire process.Lots of potential for growth, if they would open their minds and get over the "I've been doing it like this for 25 years" attitude.Had to move on.

Points positifs

Temp controlled warehouse, nice lunchroom and benifits on day one.

Points négatifs

Long term employees that do not want positive change
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Underpaid and Burnt Out

The roles and responsibilities are continuously expanding and the compensation does not reflect. The president admitted in a meeting to underpaying the staff and in turn said we should go and work harder…. They enjoy putting incentive targets out of reach, thinking it will motivate an already burnt out rep. While adding more work to your plate. The lack of support to areas out of the central area is null. They have supporting roles for central area that bring sales support and growth but not to the “outskirts”. When support is requested they asked already overworked central workers to do more.. rather then look at a solution of more employees are needed. Serious penny pinchers for a billion dollar company. They could be so much more successful if they created supporting positions throughout their regions. I believe would turn profits.
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If you’re a right fit the money is great if you love overtime!

What is the best part of working at the company?SupervisorJustin is very fair. Great guy. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Long hours daily. But it’s what your sign up for!What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very family oriented! Decent staff What is a typical day like for you at the company?Days go quickly because it’s very busy!
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Poor management, bad people

Safety protocols were also a cause for concern. There were frequent accidents and near-misses due to a lack of emphasis on safety measures. Instead of addressing the root causes of these incidents, the focus seemed to be on meeting strict deadlines at any cost.Do not work for them
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Good place to work , great people and environment. They like to say there a family and it's true . Pay is below average and they always seem to be short staffed so you work extra hours or days .
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Definitely changed Management!

If they replace the management in Calgary branch specially in building B, i will definitely come back here to work as part time not full time. People i worked with are awesome, but sometimes can’t look at you directly. If you decide to work here, make sure you get your 3 months wage increase. And This is most important make sure you have new management to deal with,if not have a good life.

Points positifs

Alot of free foods, specially damage

Points négatifs

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not organized

Not really organized. Has a small warehouse and there's a disconnect between purchasing and warehousing. Resulting in a overpacked warehouse with minimum capacity
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Management was not good

Not a great place to work if you can’t work at a fast pace. I was let go with no reasonable cause just before my one year mark after I had put in constant overtime
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Good company to work for most people are good people there ,they are also good for time off if sick trucks needs to be upgraded back to standerd instead of automatic

Points positifs

Free swag

Points négatifs

People not listing to make job quicker
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It's very productive, fun & safe workplace.

What is the best part of working at the company?The upper management is very supportive, they valued their employees and make sure to have a room for advancement and carrer opportunity.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?During summer season when sales are going up to the maximum and everyone doing their part to make sure their internal customers are satisfied.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Core-mark is a big family, treating one another with respect and dignity. Occupational health and safety is number one priority.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Everyday is my typical day like because excited to see my team and make a difference at work, support and helping one another to make sure the job is done.
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It is the worst work environment I have ever worked in.

It was a terrible work environment managed by traditional leaders who had zero understanding of what positive workplace culture meant. There was no desire to improve the culture.
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Very toxic place, everyone gossiping against each other including some who found themselves to be managers without really deserving it, was particularly shocked to see how my manager was negative and backbiting about some in my small knit department....never mind those outside our team
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Horrible management

Horrible management, lack of training and absolutely no communication. The only thing I took away from this job is that I will never work with them or their partners again. Zero organization, training was a joke and they'll hire someone to replace you and then let you go.
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Toxic Environment

It was great working there at the beginning, but after a while if your a hard working person, they will make you do 2-3 person jobs every shift. Supervisors here at poor-mark are under qualified. It’s a unionized workplace so there is NO advancement whatsoever. I would seek an employment somewhere else. Toxic environment, managers / supervisors doesn’t care about their employees. Your are just a number to them. If you have any complaints don’t bring it anybody as they just don’t care. Safety issues here are a big concern. They won’t do anything to FIXED these problems. Lots of safety concerns that’s been going on for years and years and they will just NOT do anything to fixed it. Union won’t even help their members, with their concerns. Work somewhere else if I were you.

Points positifs

High paying wages as it is unionized but if it wasn’t, they would pay you low wages.

Points négatifs

Long hours / supervisors are underqualified / safety concerns are a big issue
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Lots of work but coworkers make them fun

Some days are tough, some days are easy. Learned a lot of new things and it’s good to be stuck with people who help you be better at what you do. Good pay!
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