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Average company, OK to work

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It is a family own company. Benefit is not very good. Salary is around average. Management still needs to be improved. A lot of overtime if you want to earn extra money.
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Stay away from EMA

One of the worst management and insecure manager of world is in EMA. She definitely will make you crazy , so Stay away please if you like your mental health!

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Make of it what you will

There are definitely some old school guys here that you're going to have to learn how to navigate. It can be a disorganized, but they're always looking to promote from within. Keep your head down, do your job, show a medium amount of interest in the job and they'll shine on you. There's a lot of flexibility to move between departments and shifts.It's family owned, so that obviously comes with pluses and minuses. They pay you for attending events, give extra paid days over the holidays, and I've never heard of them refusing vacation time. If you're competent, decent, slightly personable, and keep the machines running, you'll be fine.
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A strange company to work for.

Typically, you'll come to work to see what jobs are running or being setup. You will then run or continue to setup the jobs. As you finish Pieces, typically you will be checking tolerances on them or looking for defects.Sometimes you will be overloaded with multiple machines with very low cycle times.Other times you will zone out and only have a 3 hour long part and a 30 minute long part to run.Management seems to only care about supervisors opinions. Some supervisors will specifically target you as a problem if you are unlucky. Other times they will promote people that are not very good.Another ongoing issue is that there is almost zero consistency in how people are treated for mistakes. One person damaged an 800k machine and nothing happened. Another person was caught sitting in a chair for five hours instead of doing their job and was kept for years before they left.Company culture is fairly good. Cycle times on the machines can allow some smalltalk between employees, which is fine. Be careful who you talk to, however.People who become employed at this company either stay for many years, or leave rather quickly. Make of that what you will.

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Free Coffee, Interesting Characters, Experience for new machinists

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Rumors, low pay
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People I work with were really nice but management and owners of the company not so much

The owners of the company are not transparent with the workers and to the point where they're not even transparent with management ...therefore made a very uneasy atmosphere and work in
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Challenging and sometime chaotic , but overall not to bad .

Overall it is an OK place to work . No room for advancement . Higher management is not bad , but lack of communication makes work harder sometimes .
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Worst Job Ever

They either leave or get fired. Says it allSo they don't train you. You're either good enough, or not. If you're good enough, they don't pay you enough.The staff turnover is so bad, they don't bother and because they struggle to keep staff. The ones that have been there a while are swamped and don't have the time.Very toxic environment. Things will be said about you behind your back. Some people are nice, choose carefully.

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Job security. Pay, benefits, work-life balance, toxic environment
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Growing company

Heavy load and fast paced. Having support from management but also involving unexpected changes. That causes interruptions to the work. Overall people are nice.
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Hard work which can hazardous to health

Impossible to grow as a person. And hard to get better position after even working 3 years. Long hours and wiered timings. Hard to manage familylife and work.

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Free golfing and parties

Points négatifs

Morning shift starts at 6. And work hours 9.5 hours little long
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Stuck at job after some time

It's a kind of labour job which is exciting in the beginning and becomes dull and boring with time. Manager and lead only care about own raises and salary

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Good for freshers to this field

Points négatifs

You don't feel included in team as supervisor and lead only care about their own salaries
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Great Learning Experience

Working at Coordinate gave me the opportunity to learn about smaller company strategies for growth and management and helped me gain important insight into the complexities of running a business from a high level and learn how to scale and all the obstacles that come with it. Some of these skills involved managing people, driving sales/profits, project management, ensuring customer satisfaction, devising strategies about what segments to target for business development.

Points positifs

Team building

Points négatifs

Sometimes lacked employee engagement
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Great opportunity for your first career as CNC Machinist

I am a formal employee in coordinate industries for around 4 years from 2016 to 2019. The company gave me a lot of chances to learn about CNC, also a very nice and warm president and co-workers. When I first started my career in this company, even though I graduated my college for 2 years, I still didn't know much about CNC. However, the company gave me a lot of chances to grow up. I feel guilty after I leave this company that I just worked 60 percent of my ability. Here is a place worth to work 100 percent, the owner is gonna treat you really fair.
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Shipping/Inventory Helper and Delivery Driver

• In charge of delivering final product to customers as well as transporting parts between subcontractors for processing purposes • Support of the shipping and receiving area of the company • Gained manufacturing experience related with airplane parts and materials used for different scenarios, where weight, brittleness and hardness were vital for the outcome of the part • Familiar with the use of a KANBAN system of inventory
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Highly motivated and goal driven

Set up 5-axis machines Work as a team Produce quality Work well with others Trouble shoot errors Maintain machines Design and build custom components
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Lathe operator

People in the company is very easy going, however it is a very messy place. They will tell you that they have awesome benefits but you will need to pay crazy amounts a month for them. Managers don't care about people and it keeps getting worse
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It was a great company to be part of: small with unique products

A typical day started with a shift change at which I would be briefed about what had transpired in the preceding eight hours or so. In general this went smoothly because all the co-workers were the nicest people to work with. But, there was a common problem: most of them were not proficient in English and explaining stuff or relaying information was less than stellar. But somehow we managed to get the day's work done. No big deal there. Management was more or less a one-man show: the owner of the company. He was a very nice, warm, considerate guy that I would not hesitate to work for again. For me the most thrilling part of the job was coming to the end of a given batch of parts....I would often say: Done!
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Security Guard

Working Security requires to work with other individuals while focusing on your surroundings. Most enjoyable part of the job is to know that you are helping people out.
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Great place to work

I loved working for Coordinate Industries. The owner is fantastic and the atmosphere was great.I'm sorry I left, but I got a great opportunity elsewhere.
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