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Quels sont les principaux défis auxquels vous devez faire face chez Convergint Technologies?

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Trying to explain deficiencies in previously completed and signed off work that was done by people not even trained in the trade or competent to be doing the work

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Trying to follow company values and fulfill customer expectations without getting in trouble was both challenging and ultimately impossible. Trying to follow safety laws was impossible at Convergint! Though the most challenging part of the job was having to deal with always working by yourself, and having to put in extra hours in the evenings and on the weekends fixing all the mistakes on jobsites you didn't work on that had only untrained and unsupervised apprentices working on them. I would have to spend a week or more at the end of every one of those jobs fixing things and making it work for occupancy. It was very challenging fitting that into my busy overworked schedule all the time, and a real pain in the butt too. You will not have apprentices working with you. They'll be across the city alone while you mount 100 lb things on walls and ceilings alone without jacks. Then you will be sent alone to the other job site to fix the apprentices work while they are somewhere else unsupervised making more mistakes.

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