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L environement de travail mais le salaire n'est pas bon vu le nombre d'appels importants et le nombre de client qu'on traite chasue jours .Le management est bon
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Not enough shift options

I enjoyed the opportunity to learn here. It was a convenient work from home environment. Everything revolves around metrics which can be exhausting. You gain more and more skill sets with no increase in pay. There is a rigid schedule with zero flexibility. For example if you want to work 4 days a week instead of 5 you can not. If there was flexibility in shifts I would have stayed.

Points positifs

Work from home

Points négatifs

Long hours, zero flexibility
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Decent work life balance, run by micro managers.

Typical day involves taking inbound calls, answering SMS and speaking with management. I learned I'm over qualified for this job almost immediately after training. Training is too short and we're not given all the info we need only to be "coached" on things we didn't or weren't trained properly on. Management is hit or miss, personally my TL is a micro manager who expects us to do more than we are paid for all while meeting strict guidelines. I enjoy speaking with customers most of the time and the rest of the team is helpful with a good sense of humor. Flexible schedule, with good benefits and room for advancement if you're perfect.

Points positifs

Flexible Schedule

Points négatifs

Rigid expectations
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productive and stressful

it's a stressful environment in a way that pushes you to be better so it makes you productive even more the managers are always here to help but work has been going good
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Lots of room for improvement.

The process for managing their staff could be improved. Their policies are almost unbendable when it comes to accommodating individual employees needs. They'll work out something with you (which works within their limits) but they will not not go above and beyond for an employee. They'll rather you resign than they make an accommodation that will not be a win win in their interest.

Points positifs

Free company swag

Points négatifs

Rotation can be a pain especially if you get the later hours of the day
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overall, neat and professional place to work. However, no growth chance, bad work stress, no social people, arrogant management

What is the best part of working at the company?Nothing, may be the professional environment was good. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Stress, work load, low pay, bad management, irrelated KPI's etc..What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Great, very neat, professional What is a typical day like for you at the company?8 to 5, logging into PC, and then stress for the day thereafter,
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Honestly speaking concentrix is really a cheap company. They expect you to work in multiple lines of business for pay below 20 dollars per hour

A typical day at work will be receiving between 20 -30 calls90 percent of clients are rude with absurd demands.Clients have the habit of sending bad reviews and even if it is not your fault management tries to still align it to youIt’s a job that can drive you into deep depression

Points positifs

Generous PTO’s

Points négatifs

Always forcing extra hours on workers, once you tell them you can’t they say It’s mandatory
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Ok place to work

It’s an ok company to work for. I have learnt a lot. I really like the work environment the team members and team leads are amazing people to work to with. A typical day at work is not so bad
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Good to work from home. Need to be ok with talking lots. Lots of rude customers & no real support from tls once on floor. No room for advancement either
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Work-life balance

Good pay, Work-life balance and good incentives. Could be overwhelming due to overwhelming calls sometimes and trying to fit everything in recorded time.
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No help

They give you a training but basically it is all about looking in the article for the answer. You are so limited when the client read the same article that you read, the only good is work from home .
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Boring and robotic work environment.

Worst Team Lead i have ever see.Team Lead are your enemy.Continuous calls.Haptic work environment.Management is as worst as it can be.Zero Mental health.

Points positifs

2 days off

Points négatifs

Everything about it
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There is ample support to get you through rough days. Can get really busy during holidays. There's also a possibility your shift might not be your first choice and it's tied to performance
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It's all about numbers and you're ability to suck up

It's a business and the employees are commodities. It's all about hitting the numbers by whatever means necessary. Management is often promoted based on personality, not skills. If you are great at sucking up to people, you'll do very well here.
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Soul draining job. No life work balance, production is so stressful. Minimum pay . Schedule just a mess. I don't really think they care about people.
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Managment is a joke

Managment has favorites and will post for positions even though they know who will already get the position. You are just a number and they will spit you out when done. Work life balance, doesnt exsist
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It was very stressful because of high sales expectations, I was only thankful for a few colleagues and my team lead who was very nice and support too.
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Very stressful

Training was soft and the culture seemed to be great but the production was a disaster. 8 hours Vs. 30 min Lunch Break, back to back calls it's energy consuming. It will be okay if it's part time and they didn't offer it
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Management will try to bounce you from team to team. No reasons given. They will email you but will jot reply.

Less pay, difficult client to handle, many issues with the service provided, minimum pay, poor management. They will email you and once you reply they will not respond and other manager will email you and same thing will go on and then they will terminate you because you did not communicate properly.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours, poor managers
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Good place to work for

I recommend. Good pay, people care and follow up when they say. Lots of activities as well to keep the morale high. Management could be more present and introduce themselves.
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Good company to work at , he ave some employee program to attend like wellness sessions.Management are great . They alway started the day with icebreaker or some game
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