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Why would you want to work at Convergys?

23 réponses

FT employment, great hours, it has been here for 15+ years in the community and they give back

14 juillet 2017

For a pay cheque.

You should avoid this company. They are badly organised and micromanage. The only time I would suggest working for them is if you are looking for somewhere to work for 2 - 3 months until you find a better job.

I worked at a Convergys for 8 years took a break for family and when I returned so much had changed job expectations wise and culture that it made me sick to work there. I mean I was physically ill from the anxiety and overbearing managers.

For the job environment and employee benefits

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Not a place to work

To feel the enjoyment of helping others.

You wouldn't unless you want to have a mental breakdown.

You wouldn't, trust.

Convergs' gives better compensation than other companies in the area.

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