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What are the hours like? is it a constant amount of hours? Also what is the hiring process when it comes to applying online?

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I came to work everyday and met my metrics and ALWAYS worked Mon-Fri and worked 40+ hours.

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When you start working the hours are 1:30-10 for at least 6 months and you can only change that shift via shift bid if your metrics meet their unreasonably high standards. Once you apply online they call you back very quickly.

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The hours are subject to change based off the client need. You rarely know when you'll work, although they do try and give 2 weeks notice. No, for the most part you will get the hours you agreed too. But, they are constantly under or over staff, so you may be booked for 40hrs, but they will cut hours with mandatory go homes, or try and add hours with OT (not normally mandatory)

Réponse du - Training Manager (Former Employee) - St. John's, NL

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40 hours a week

Réponse du - Product support specialist (Current Employee) - Chilliwack, BC

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We have to work in rotational shifts for fixed hours per day

Réponse du - Technical Support Associate (Former Employee) - Gurgaon, India

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We all had constant number of hours in a day which is 8 hours per day mon to friday.
they do not hire online.

Réponse du - CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE (Former Employee) - Cebu City

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8hrs per day with shifting schedule starting from 6pm (opening shift) until 3am (closing shift)

Réponse du - Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) - Philippines

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The hiring process unfortunately is designed to hire everyone including unqualified individuals. Online is setup but if a person can't figure it out they could just drop in and be hired.

Réponse du - Team Lead Manager (Former Employee) - Millbrook, NS

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Hours are set-40 per week for FT and 16 to 30 hrs /week for pt. They are very flexible with PT hours and try to work with school schedules etc

Réponse du - Facility Manager (Former Employee) - Chilliwack, BC

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There is an online application to fill out and the hours for the job is full time.

Réponse du - Humana Rx Education (Current Employee) - Glace Bay, NS

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