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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez Concentrix?

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Its takes over a week... you get an intervoiew and then you go in for an hour or two without pay to do some quizes and answer some questions. They hire in groups so you have to wait for the learest start date.

Go to one of the open houses. They hire constantly because their turn over is so high so these open houses are frequent.

You can apply a\t any social media platform like facebook, gmail etc

Check their website or visit the call center's site.

There are many ways, though there is generally a brief email conversation, followed by a phone call interview, depending on the answers, they will have you in for the interview mentioned above.

This interview will determine if you're fit or not for the team.

Drop off a resume to the HR person in the building.

Walk-in, or online application accepted

You fill out an application form at the front desk. You can also respond online when you learn

Apply inside or online

Tell them you want the job at indeed or call them and you pretty much get the job right away because they are short handed all the time

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