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Can you make your own schedule with concentrix?

13 réponses

Hahahah NO

Unable to make hours or days work with your life at all!
Been there 2 years work hard and am high on the shift bid but there is morning worth choosing anyway.

Even if you have doctors notes. Kids and willing to work the bad part of it. They still don’t Care about you.

Even trying to get a day off for something personal next to impossible. Unable to take holidays when you want them.

Pre plan a trip 1yr in advanced and confirmed the time off with them. Still nothing had to fight like crazy to get time off

They do not accommodate for anything but Medical and even then they ask for a doctors note every 3 months (which they try and make you pay for) If you have a family and young kids in school you should become a stay at home parent as they do not care nor can half the management relate to having kids and paying for child care!! Write ups happen straight away after hitting the government mandated 10 allowed sick days and the progression is rapid therefor you get 13 days until you are fired doctors notes or not!!

No, they use a blind bidding system that is based on seniority.

Never, its there way or the highway. I tried switching shifts and going through the proper channels, never once got approved for shift switching or flex time. they do not accommodate personal needs, the shift with overtime is expected or they rite you up

Nope. If you don't get the shifts you need to trade with other advisors. You only get accommodation to a shift if you have kids, go to school or are sick/disabled.

Absolutely not

No, the scheduling is a joke. They moved to a 3 month schedule for the advisors which is severely unpopular for a number of reasons. As for the Team Leaders, they have switched the schedule so that every one now has three weeks of day shift followed by three weeks of nights. Not every one got a say in this but they went ahead with it anyway. This 3 week rolling provides major issues for coaching and supporting one's team as half of the team could finish at 4:30 when the team leader is getting in at 3:30pm. If the team leader spends 3 weeks like this out of any given month, they will not meet mandate, not be able to coach back SMARTS, not be able to coach back CSATS effectively, or really do much coaching at all for the day staff. There is also MINIMAL Team Leader coverage on the weekends which opens it up to AUX abuse by the advisors creating a loss of revenue, productivity, utilization and much more.

Not at all in any way whatsoever. You dont even get the shift you pick in the shift bid.

No, the schedule is provided, though you can trade schedules in a system provided.

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