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Personnel hypocrite

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Beaucoup sont hypocrites et tu te fais dévisager à secondes ou la ligne arrête alors que t’es même pas en cause et vous devriez faire des boites de POGO au lieu d’être sur la ligne comme tout le monde
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Great Brand good culture

Great place to work to build your career. Ample of support and training provided. Great benefits and perks. Interactive and collaborative office environment.
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lot's of driving and no benefits

flexibel hours but no benefits or insurance and low need to use your own carlot's of driving and no advancement possiblemanagement is ok they are availlable directly

Points positifs


Points négatifs

no benefits or insurance and salary to low for what you do
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too many managers no communication

No communication lots of managers, long days, staff are good but atmosphere kills you inside. No in-depth training at all.Never sure who to report to or who to follow
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Proud , Growing , Future Thinking

5 🍅 seasons in and each season has been different. With each season new members joining our team, locally as well as our guest workers, from Jamaica. Each of us plays a part in the success of the season; thus paving the way for a productive and successful off season. ConAgra, in Dresden, ON, is a place I am proud to call my "happy workplace". Making great products globally is impressive but greater is the job creation and incredible good we do in our communities. Check us out!
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L’es personne dans l’es bureau qui devrait être remplacer.

Très bonne place de travaille coter collègue ses l’es personne dans l’es bureau qui ne son pas à leur place
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Working with Conagra Company is great but the management like supervisors and Hiring management HRs has no sense of consideration and empathy to workers. They should served as our support system when one like me is not knowledgeable in certain tasking and assigned me for training. Even other new hires doesn’t get much of the knowledge they need to perform their duties as the supervisor doesn’t even know how to trouble shoot things that’s why there are so many injuries happening due to lack of experience and support. The hiring management should look and see how they can take care and protect their worker, proper listening and to increase the moral in the company. It was not a good experience I had and I am hearing a lot of complaints from other workers about management in this company. No given fairness and equality.
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Working at Conagra Company is good but the management like HR and Supervisors are missing the support system as being new hires I would expect them to be the one to show you what the expectations and limitations in the company. If a worker made a mistakes because of training and jot knowledgeable in doing other tasking. No consideration.. called you out from your station and ask you to sign documents and didn’t realized it was already a written warning as in no consideration of wrong action and being new. The Moral and support system in this company is very Poor specially with the hiring management as they should be the one to feed us more learning skills and ability to meet the expectations of the company. That is why.. they hired more and they fired more due to their luck of support. Too bad and so sad.
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Fun and collaborative workplace, with an intense seasonal element!

A great place to work with friendly management, union and seasonal employees. Lots of changes and improvements are on going! It has been a supportive and safe workplace throughout the covid-19 times.
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Bad Management , Cheap Salary

Dont even go here. Its not really a place to go if you wanna grow within a company. They put you in a position that on paper is good but in reality your position is actually the bottom
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Environnement de travail le plus dégueulasse 🤢

Compagnie dirigée par les vieux syndiqués.Culture des employés en absence de culture de compagnie. Ta parole contre la parole d'un ancien

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Racisme, la compagnie roule en faveur des vieux syndiqués
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Productive workplace. Recreation room is available.

I worked at the Richmond Branch. It did not take long for me to get trained from being a Floor Associate to Machine Operator. The supervisors are so kind and considerate. They see to it that the workplace is safe for everybody and issues and concerns are addressed on time.

Points positifs

Free coffee and sometimes tacos.

Points négatifs

Lots of bin pushing.
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Pressure in all directions

Treated as a number who is replaceable at any moment with someone new. So much turnover and the constant pressure from finance to make more money at all costs.
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Bon environnement de travail

Bon environnement de travail Les superviseurs sont à l écoute de leur employés . Très bon salaire et très avantages sociaux.

Points positifs

Le salaire, les avantages sociaux, lhoraire de travail

Points négatifs

je n en trouve aucuns
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Productive and security workplace.

Good leadershipA lot of trainingHard workSecurity at the first placeGood communication from the high leadershipThe beginning is stressful because of the high speed of the production
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Multi Cultural

Challenging and fun place to work in. You deal with a diverse culture and transient temporary workers fromoutside North America. Happy to continue being on board on a seasonal/casual basis. :)
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Worse experience

This was the worse work experience ever experience in my 12 year career as a finance professional. Management is not supportive and very demeaning. It felt like high school,if you choose not to be apart of a certain group of individuals any progression or support went out the door. It was also shocking to see finance professionals swearing openly in meetings and the general work environment. Lack of systems was extremely frustrating currently working off of a dos based system and 2 years out from Sap. I would highly recommend that people stay away from this very toxic and childish environment not worth the compensation .

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Too many to list
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Stressful and blame Culture

Richmond Management does not stop the culture of blame and is practiced from the top down. People are Constantly terminated As a solution for mistakes to justify corrective actions.

Points positifs

Many nice people and always new faces in the office

Points négatifs

Very high labor turnover
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Best management

very supportive management. Friendly environment. Peers are even helpful in fulfilling the job. I found over all it is relax and friendly company to work for.
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Ungrateful lead hands and supervisor in packaging!

Badest and worst job I ever had!!!! They will fire fire you without any consideration. It doesn't matter if you work there in less than a week like fire you randomly!!!!!! Up to you if you take a risk!!! This company is a waste of time and effort!!!!!

Points positifs

No pros all conss!!!

Points négatifs

Fire you inconsiderably!!!
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enjoyable work experience

Great team in the maintenance department. Help was always available, be it knowledge or hands-on. Management was very easy to talk to. The friendly atmosphere was across all departments.
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