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Très difficile de garder le sourire à hôpital de la cité de santé les personnes sont très impatient et bête c’est la seule raison j’étais pas capable avec eux tu fais ton possible et on te crie les clients. J’ai adoré la gérante également.

Points positifs

Très compréhensible

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environnement de travail bien,mais toxique avec les gestionnaires

contractuel pendant 15moisaucun avantageaucune augmentaition de salairesalaire miserable pour ceux qu'on embauchetres mauvaise attitude des gestionnairescette entreprise ne suit pas les valeurs qu'elle promeut...

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pas de reconnaissance
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Not a very pleasant experience after 1 month

Training is all over the place. Expectations are ridiculous and over all its an ok job. No security and no transparency. An absolute horrible to work specially the london office.

Points positifs

Free lunch during pandemic

Points négatifs

Training is an absolute nightmare.
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Rewarding with career growth

I have been fortunate to work with this company for 6 years . They have been great to me and supported me throughout my time so far. They are always striving to be the best and are humbled in there approach. As a big company there can be some missed opertunities if you don't keep your ear to the ground . Otherwise you are supported and rewarded while working with this group.
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I enjoy my job and I’m invested not just to do the job daily but for the company and the clients

What is the best part of working at the company?The way the teams come together like family What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Don’t have any issues at the present time What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Great. Lots of resources for many issues that may arise What is a typical day like for you at the company?Most days are great. Seeing the clientele with smiles on their faces
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Horrible place

No progression staff that were there 7 years made the same amount as I did on day 1 , under staffed, underpaid , bad benefits, bad management, client would be up your butts but there’s so many managers , and none talk to eachother.

Points positifs

Rotational schedule, hours

Points négatifs

Low pay, long hours, no overtime until you go over 168 hours.
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Good work environment for some, not for others

This was my first ever part-time job. As a new worker, learning how to bake, make drinks, and make sandwiches was somewhat fun for me, and I had a pretty positive first day at work. However, the more I worked, the more I realized that this job wasn't for me. My coworkers would sometimes slack off and lay off their duties to me, some were judgmental, my managers were unorganized with their scheduling, and the job quickly became monotonous, and just plain irritating. After working there for a summer, I am never going back to a fast food job.
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demanding and high stress workplace. they offer lunch but it isnt worth it, pack a sandwhich instead

What is the best part of working at the company?you get a job really easily (like way too easy, huge red flag bc they hire u on the spot) What is the most stressful part about working at the company?not having my time be respected. i was a dishwasher and a high school student at the time. i needed to go home at certain times (latest id wanna go home is by 12 am and i requested i go home by that time) and theyd have me go until 6 am because the scope of dishwasher work is "until ur done" and man it is miserable. save urself the grief and go to a restaurant or somewhere smaller to do dishes. tcu place was awfulWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?hot and humid. many demands that pushed my boundaries. What is a typical day like for you at the company?wash dishes non stop until ur done which would be by 6 am
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Horrible Management and toxic workplace St. John’s

Management is awful, turnover rate leaves all the employees overworked. Kept horrible employees and was an overall unfair environment. All the good people who work there are treated unfairly.
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Horrendous management. High turnover. Beware!

Very poorly managed place. Toxic work environment. Had to quit very quickly as management was so frustrating I could not stand it any longer. All employees are frustrated and angry.
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Poor management

Worked for the company for more than 3 years. At first it was enjoyable. After they "offered" me a promotion, but they already had someone else lined up. They just had me as a filler but told me I was promoted. The management will never listen to you
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nice to work in compass group and team work with all the coworker

I work with the compass group all almost 3 years. my coworkers are friendly and helpful to each other. free lunch or coffee the manager is also very honest and friendly

Points positifs

free lunch and coffee

Points négatifs

Monday to Friday 7 hours per day
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Fun staff, organized company

- Free food(sometimes)- Nice staff and managers- Organized company with strict rulesLike-minded university students mostly surround you if you are of that age group, and even if you aren't, you'll still find nice people that are inclusive. It gets boring after a while, as you'll be standing still most of the time; you'll have to make a conscious effort to find something to do sometimes.
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Worst Location to Work

Probably the work place to work. Low wages and horrible work life balance. I won’t recommend this place to anyone. They dont know how to treat the employees.
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Stay away from this place.

They lie about the hours they will give you in the interview. Also, they say you get benefits, but you really dont. They also explained to me that you get tips, but you actually don't. Stay away

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Fun but at the same time exhausting

Seniority, the dietary aides are dominant, no proper training. Work as an early cook, too much work load, They need to train new hired employee for specific period. Low salary.
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Fast paced hard work

Reasonable hours and good co-workers. Management added to the stress of the workplace. Didn't stay long enough to get in with the Union but I heard it's mediocre.
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Chef is amazing

The chef is amazing, other managers not so much. They have their special ppl which gets more hours, less workload and so on. FOH is very lazy and keep pushing the work for the next shift. Gossip is also a nightmare.

Points positifs

Free food

Points négatifs

Lots of gossip, ppl who are there vc friendship and have zero skills
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Run don’t walk away from this company

Please don’t make the same mistake I did. Management is horrible. Barely trains you and expects you to do the job of 3 people. Pay isn’t even a dollar over minimum wage and they will expect you to perform the tasks of more senior positions while still paying you $16.25. It was a terrible experience and you couldn’t pay me enough money to ever be associated with this company again.
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I will never work for this company again, the management has a trickle down.effect that turns into.a lake.Managers do not listen and do not want to know if something doesn't work for you on the job.
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Change Management

Management doesn't care about your growth and promote those staff who can be their mute follower not based on competency. Dumb mangement, soon all the clients will know as the quality of staff they promote they hire lack knowledge or skills
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