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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Très difficile de garder le sourire à hôpital de la cité de santé les personnes sont très impatient et bête c’est la seule raison j’étais pas capable avec eux tu fais ton possible et on te crie les clients. J’ai adoré la gérante également.

Points positifs

Très compréhensible

Points négatifs

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Productive and Fun workplace

very good management and flexible schedule;sometimes long working hours;very friendly environment and team work;you can learn a bunch of new skills such as working in a team and multitasking
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Great people and fun place to work

Great environment and venue and fantastic people to work with. Management could do a little better and work on some things otherwise most things flow smoothly.
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Hired to cook and ended up running their business doing everything from lots of paperwork, no staff support, appliances didn’t work and were never repaired. Worst company
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Work Load

Working in a fast paced environment. Good coworkers. Workload can be a lot at times but as long as you have your time management skills, you will be fine!
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Was a wonderful job

I think that compass group is the biggest company that hiring in Canada, my experience was wonderful, I will work with them if I have the opportunity

Points positifs

Good management

Points négatifs

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Don't waste your time

Awful company to work for, management is extremely shady. They serve out of date products and don't understand why it's a problem. They try to make you work off the clock. Don't apply here, save yourself the time.
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Terrible company

Claim they support their staff however the turnover is incredibly high and they higher people who just don’t care about their employees at all. Do not work here if you wish to keep your sanity.
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nice people

friendly and nice staff. decent pay. hours are good too. enough breaks provided as well- makes it less hectic. good experience as they have a variety of tasks to do
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Worst place to work

Not a good place to work,work load is too much in comparison to the wages ,no benefits,stupid probation of 6 months.Management is not supportive at all.
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Great place to work

The working environment is fantastic and the management treats employees well. They provide enough hours to make a decent living. However, the work schedule can be inconsistent despite the smooth workflow.
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Poor management and employees

Very poor management from district to ESM. ESM only stay for about 3 yrs as there is to much BS from on site management. ESM are lazy and don't help out but instead hid in office. Both upper management and ESM are good at lying. They take advantage of employees.
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Fast-paced. Great to work at if you are in school.

flexible hours so it's good to work at specially if you're in school. Seasonal work but good place to work at.Fast-paced environment and easygoing managers

Points positifs

Flexible hours and decent workplace

Points négatifs

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Worked there as a part-time employee while studying. Nice and understanding people but low pay. Hours can be flexible if needed for your situation. Average workplace.
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Horrible working environment

You can't advance in the company, they don't like to pay their employees a fair wage and management are huge bullies. Wanted to add on more and more responsibilities without pay increase.

Points positifs

Some co workers were nice

Points négatifs

The pay
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Not great support/training

Not a lot of support from corporate, only seem to care about saving Pennie’s and not the staff. High turnover of management and heavy workloads because so understaffed
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Gained and learnt much at workplace

What is the best part of working at the company?Welfare for employees are the best What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Not appreciating worker's hard work for company What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Team work and providing great services
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Exhausting and Unappreciated

This company only worries about its bottom line & not staffing sufficiently to keep up with the workload. When sales are below their goals they cut back staff even further. The pay is barely above minimum wage and is not a living wage. Management are very unprofessional, one of which was a bully in my case. Complaints fall on deaf ears.

Points positifs

Lunches up to $10 before tax

Points négatifs

Usually don't get our breaks because it's very busy, always physically struggling to keep up because of lack of staff.
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C'est unique

Je suis vraiment content de travailler ici, l'équipe est superbe. La compagnie est toujours pour nos besoins.La compagnie m'a donné l'opportunité de commencer ma vie professionnelle au Québec.
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The most disappointing professional experience

While there are some wonderful individuals working for Compass Group, the overall atmosphere created by those in charge was toxic and disrespectful. I had the opportunity to work under the regional director, and it quickly became clear that there was no interest in providing support, respect or listening to their team. Additonally, I was mislead about my position, which was a new role for Compass Group, however I was presented with a position very different to what was promised prior to signing the contract. Benefits are provided at a COST to the employees after 6 months (unless you have any interest in becoming a supervisor or higher), and it is costly for the individual. I can honestly admit that this experience was not a positive one, and I chose to leave due to the toxicity, and lack of respect shown by leaders. All the hard workers there deserved so much better.

Points négatifs

Long hours, toxicity, disrespect
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Productive and fun place to work

Enjoyable place to workGood people and managementThere is a lot of good co workers who will help you. Salary is good enough for starting a new job . You will learn a lot
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