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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Productive and high paced

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Decent work but really high paced. Will keep you on your feet. Work hours will vary and will be on call most of the time.Pay is pretty low for how much workload is given thought.
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Horrible working environment

You can't advance in the company, they don't like to pay their employees a fair wage and management are huge bullies. Wanted to add on more and more responsibilities without pay increase.

Points positifs

Some co workers were nice

Points négatifs

The pay
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Exhausting and Unappreciated

This company only worries about its bottom line & not staffing sufficiently to keep up with the workload. When sales are below their goals they cut back staff even further. The pay is barely above minimum wage and is not a living wage. Management are very unprofessional, one of which was a bully in my case. Complaints fall on deaf ears.

Points positifs

Lunches up to $10 before tax

Points négatifs

Usually don't get our breaks because it's very busy, always physically struggling to keep up because of lack of staff.
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I enjoy my job and I’m invested not just to do the job daily but for the company and the clients

What is the best part of working at the company?The way the teams come together like family What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Don’t have any issues at the present time What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Great. Lots of resources for many issues that may arise What is a typical day like for you at the company?Most days are great. Seeing the clientele with smiles on their faces
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Good place to build network if your young

Work can be hard and long hours at time due to amount of daily traffic at the Zoo, but you meet a lot of great people and management is usually friendly.

Points positifs

Co-workers, hour flexibility, summer job

Points négatifs

Long days sometimes, amount of customers, heat, pay
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Lack of training and ignorance

Thought it would be the dream job. In the end was nightmare. The one employee i had work for me was amazing. But upper management lack accommodations for a person with disabilities. When approached of issues. Was blown off and told don’t expect special treatment.I would never in my life recommend compass group. As upper management is about themselves and there bonuses and dont care about the lower employee’s. Not to mention they refuse to pay for over 40 hours.. but demand work to be done on your time for free.They also lack training.Do not recomend for anyone

Points positifs

The one employee and people you met

Points négatifs

Demands on work. And refuse to pay after 40hours
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not that great

if you’re a student then this would be a good place to start but if you’re looking for something where you would want to grow then this place isn’t for you. run.
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Unorganized and chaotic

They expect you to do so much work and when you ask for a raise to compensate they tell you they aren't able to give you one because of the pandemic and it's not within their budget. Upper management have their heads jammed so far up their behinds that they literally have no idea what's going on or how to effectively manage their unit. They ignore emails and dislike confrontation so they'll never get back to you about questions you may have asked weeks ago. Your job position is unclear and you're expected to do the jobs of at least 3-5 people at a time. I wouldn't recommend working for compass even to my worst enemy because even they deserve better than working at such a poorly run organization.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Everything. It's trash.
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Cut throat

Management above me were ruthless and nasty people to work with. Quit after only 3 months. Eventhough the workers under me were unionized they were treated like second rate citizens by upper management. Do not recommend working here for anyone.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Too many to list
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My experience with Compass wasn't the greatest. My staff was great, no complaints there. It is the focus of the company itself.

The company doesn't take care of their management team. It is sad because management is very loyal and willing to succeed. Compass doesn't compensate their management team accordingly. I don't recommend to work for them as part of management team. But I was grateful that I had a job and awesome staff.
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Love the job

Love working as a supervisor within one of their school clients. Staff are greats students are great. Work and life balance if great. No complaints they are fantastic.

Points positifs

Work life, pay

Points négatifs

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Horrible place

Horrible management No benefits Not environmental friendly No community involvement Want you to do more with less Nothing like what the website says Food deductions off paycheck when no meals taken
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Fun Job but disorganized and pay is not sufficient

I loved the work at this job, it was a lot of fun. Hours are sporadic and benefits are hard to acquire so it makes a great part time job only. The work culture wasn't encouraging to make people want to stay and the pay was low so the quality of coworkers was also.
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Fast paced and stressful workplace

Management expects so much from Supervisors....want them to do job of 2-3 people and wear them down. This is my experience from working with this Company for 10 years , I was broken and had no choice but to quit a job I dearly loved.
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Productive workplace

Compass Canada is a productive and progressive workplace. I learned a lot while working in the organization. I love to work with Compass Canada. I would like to stay with Compass Canada if I get the opportunity according to my ability.
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Horrible place to work

Been there 4 years never had a raise No room for advancement and the regional manager is a joke No realistic and no bonus based on performance Expect too much for so little
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Great teamwork

Loved working with Compass group at the Dalhousie Agricultural University in Truro Nova Scotia! Great management and team. Students were awesome to see and serve everyday
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Don't expect benefits or communication

A horrible managed company who will do anything to cut costs. Don't expect any communication from your managers because they're not aloud to tell you anything. They will use you and put you into horrible situations. Give you insane hours and then cut them right off if you ask for them to be reasonable. They have no regard for your schedule outside of work. If you make it to the 6 month mark with benefits don't expect to actually get them. Your hours will get cut.
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Look after there own

It all depends what district you work at that you get the attention. There is so much negativity, it depressing. Not a great company from where Im

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Free food

Good brand name to work with one of the biggest in the country. Learnt about leadership skills and developing others hardest part of the job was you get pulled in all directions
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Fun working with staff

Its always challenging and fun to work with the staff. But very hard to work with the manager. Very unprofessional. Its not safe to work with her. Dont waste your time working with this manager. She has alot of good things to say during the interview but totally opposite when you are in already. Compass would always say no to bullying and harassment but they could have thought about how this manager is doing.
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Supervisor chez Compass Group

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