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Incompetent management destroys good working environment.
Pizza Cook (Ancien employé) –  Montréal, QC2 novembre 2019
I give this company one star because there is no lower rating. Glorified Tim Horton's staff drive this place into the ground, but it's not really their fault. They are merely trying to survive. No one in a management position at Campus 1 has any idea how to run a food service establishment. All they know is how to "manage people" which they do by trying to manipulate you and playing the employees off each other. Always reactive and never proactive. They will promise all sorts of things to the new employee to make you want the job, then they will proceed to take as much as they can from you. It's not that they are mean spirited, it’s because the other employees are just dragging their feet. It's only natural. Management is wasting time recruiting lower management that do and speak as they are told and not because they are qualified. This ensures that no one in the middle gets called out for their incompetence and everyone cashes their check. Who suffers? everyone except middle management. The customer (students) get cold food and little to no service. The University gets caught into a contract and has no choice but to tolerate it, up to a point. The employees get more regulations and restrictions in attempts from management to appease the clients and hold on to their contract. The employees eventually filter out between those who know the difference ( end up leaving ) and those who don't care anyways. No surprise here at why there is such a high turnover. It's not that there are no good workers out there. Good employees want to be working with other good employees, in a well  plus... managed positive atmosphere. Incompetent management destroys good working environment.  moins
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