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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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productive and fun pace to work

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I like working here but sometimes management doesn't appreciate your hard work and treat you same as other workers who do not work properly. So there is no need to work above and beyond everyone else because it will not be recognized.

Points positifs

Free pizza and treats offered sometimes

Points négatifs

stress on body
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Nice place to work

It's a great place to start and learning. They are flexible and helpful. And it's a good opportunity to make friends with the residents and the staff.
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Not a good place to work

Not a good place to work, management doesn’t support or properly train, they don’t do check ins or help staff when struggling. You get thrown in and it’s either sink or swim.

Points positifs

30 minute lunch’s

Points négatifs

Stressful environment
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Stressful and high expectations

Compass had me do numerous online assessments that needed to be done. It was alot of online training that ensures you work the way the company wants. They expect alot from you and I feel don't pay enough

Points positifs

Some free snacks

Points négatifs

Extra expectations
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Hard work

Cleaning is not a walk in the street ,you need to pay attention to detail and make sure everything is up to standards .Workkng in a hospital unit is as fun and fast paced ,I enjoyed working along side a lot of well known Doctors and Nurses

Points positifs

Every one was part of the team

Points négatifs

Short lunch breaks
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Managers are manipulative and enable toxic employees. It’s impossible to get fired and their standards are VERY low. Staff can basically do whatever they want with no repercussions
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Dont do it!! Not the best place to work

Management is awful. Get full time hours as soon as you want them. Lots of work to be done in most areas of the hospital. The work is easy and lots of it. It's a pay check.

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Points négatifs

Long hours
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Stable, decent, reliable job

Employees that are older can be gossipy. Management has the potential to be unorganized, but in general very caring and want you to do a good job. Unoforms are provided regularly and schedules are posted consistently. Training can be tough because the pay is less but over time commitment pays off. Thank you for this opportunity.
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Rewarding job but stressful circumstances

Housekeeping at the hospital was a humbling but rewarding job because the job is so essential. The work is hard and the hours are long, but you are meeting and interacting with people all the time and getting a good workout. Management was always stressed, and there was always pressure to pull extra shifts, and often to cover 2 or more areas of the hospital because of no-shows. That aspect of the job was absolutely unacceptable and caused a lot of stress because you have to be in multiple critical care areas at once, so it's impossible to do your job thoroughly.
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Horrible bosses

Work was easy and rewarding but bosses were shady and tried extortion. Was not able to talk to bosses hire up to resolve issues. Not very structured
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Horrible job

Stressful and everyone is rude. The amount of work you do compared to what you’re paid is ridiculous, would not recommend at all. Toxic workplace. No one is friendly
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Easy job terrible management

I was a temp for Compass Canada for a year without being hired on or told how long my temporary status would last. The one supervisor was constantly breaking union rules. The whole management team was a nightmare to communicate with; I didn't even meet the main supervisor the entire time I worked there. Luckily the job wasn't difficult and the people I worked with on a day to day basis were nice.
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It is a place where your mind and body is relaxed

Relaxed working environment- co workers are very friendly and positively happy in their jobs as well.Management team is awesome.Our manager at environmental is a very hardworking guy.
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Verbally abusive boss + toxic work environment

Unfortunately this job was the worst job I’ve ever had. The boss is useless not to mention so passive aggressive to the point where she is verbally abusive. I was never asked how it was going when I first started and anytime I asked a question she’d have a fit and tell me to figure it out. I don’t recommend working here unless you want a toxic boss who doesn’t care about your existence at all and don’t expect to get anytime off work with her since she will start treating you like sh** for even asking about it :)

Points positifs

Absolutely nothings good, just a toxic environment

Points négatifs

Completely underpaid and verbally abusive boss
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bad company.low pay.even in the first wave and now second wave. Dont care about the hospital that they are supposed to clean.really bad.

if you wanna work for a low rate of pay.and over worked! this the job for you! and no one is supervising.and supervising on your own. its the number 1 worst company in the world!! the cheapest.dont care if your bathrooms etc in hospitals are clean.dont sit down on any toilet and expect it to be clean and sanitized!

Points positifs


Points négatifs

all the above
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Wouldn't recommend

Bad environment to work in and bad management And just rude co workers and when you missed a day everyone would look at you like you have done something wrong . Worked there over a year and through covid and did a lot of overtime and they just let me go when I was on shift one day, for nothing . I would never work for this company again . Over work people and no appreciation.

Points négatifs

Long hours, not good pay, over works people, bad management
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I definitely recommend

While working here I can honestly say I really enjoyed my job. My co-workers became good friends and I always looked forward to going to work. The only down side is that I believe the pay is incredibly unfair due to the amount of work you do aswell as the amount of personal health risks you take working in certain areas. Personally I worked in the OR and had alot of different contaminated rooms that I had to clean with contaminats that could poss a huge risk to my health. Aslong as you are confident in your education on how you us PPE correctly and you always make safety your highest priority than you should be just fine :)))

Points positifs

Great staff and decent management

Points négatifs

Inadequate pay
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The Best Job! I love it!

I highly recommend! I wish I knew about Compass 15 years ago!!! Really! You get full time or part time hours, days, areas, shifts that fit YOUR schedule. You can go to school/another job. I have met and made new friends with other Hospital Employees (not Compass employees), I have learned so much Medicine, I really do LOVE it! It’s like working in Grey’s Anatomy! My managers here in Vancouver (VGH) are really patient and always helpful. Everyone is so nice! I really wish I knew about this job years ago!!!!

Points positifs

Many shifts available

Points négatifs

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Don't work for these people

Never got paid on time....told me the check was in the mail because I started in mid cycle....Expect almost 4 weeks before you get your first pay. They are very vague on pay periods when you start, and then you get laced with...."It's in the Mail" on your pay day when you call to see why you did not get your direct deposit. They expect you to work many weeks with no pay...Still waiting for that check!

Points positifs

good pay

Points négatifs

lack of employees
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Terrible company

Disgusting company to work for. They pay you less and expect more out of you. The manager at priory hospital is horrible never appreciates hard work, treats staff like slaves. She bullies people. The management uses people to their benefits and ditches off after purpose is met. They don't care about staffs efforts.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Poor wages, Bullying
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Just an overall bad experience doing a job I loved

Sadly this has now burned bridges for me working for compass anywhere because they are petty. I ended up quitting and they put me on a do not hire list.
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Housekeeper chez Compass Group

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