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Cleaner26 avis
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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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safe work environment

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they treat employees well, nice company to work for. I thought the pay was a little low for how much hard work your are doing, other than that good company
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Poor management and employees

Very poor management from district to ESM. ESM only stay for about 3 yrs as there is to much BS from on site management. ESM are lazy and don't help out but instead hid in office. Both upper management and ESM are good at lying. They take advantage of employees.
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Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

I spent 4 years working for these people. The staff turnover was always insane because no one wanted to stay more than one football season. Management was a complete joke aside from one manager. And he quit. Overnight staff often worked totally alone, having to go through the underground parking garage or between the stadium and outer building alone in the dead of night. The managers don't appreciate long time staff. They'll be sweet as pie to you, then talk as much trays as they can the moment you leave the room literally anyone who will listen. Seriously. Avoid avoid avoid.

Points négatifs

Hostile work environment Terrible management Disorganized workplace Favoritism
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It was decent.

I worked as a part-time cleaner at one of their locations in Burlington in the first half of 2021. My experience is as follows:My typical routine was fairly standard for the position, and pretty much everything to be expected of a cleaning position; going through a schedule of different cleaning tasks throughout the day on an assigned route.The pay could have been better given that I was working in a hospital in the midst of a pandemic (marginally higher than minimum wage), and some variation in work assignments would have helped keep things a bit interesting, as going through the exact same list of tasks almost every shift felt somewhat repetitive and monotonous after a while.I don't have much to say in regards to the work culture or management, as I didn't work there for very long, normally worked alone, and on a part-time basis at that. But the people I met were nice and helpful, and gave me what I needed to to my job.There was one significant benefit; I was able to get consistent shifts on the days I was looking for, so it fit into my schedule very well, and gave me stable side work.My overall experience working for Compass Group was okay; the job itself was pretty simple and straightforward, and easy to get used to, but fairly repetitive, and couldn't help but feel like a grind. The people were good, but not the pay. But this is a good option for someone looking for steady, part-time work, so if I were to recommend this position to anyone, it would be mainly for that reason.

Points positifs

Nice people - co-workers and (in my experience) management alike, flexible and accommodating work schedule with steady hours.

Points négatifs

Compensation was mediocre, work felt like a grind sometimes, and I had to pay for parking (at least where I worked).
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Worst Company and even worse Management

underpaid, terrible management that has no clue about anything related to the job, management seems to lie all the time. They lead you in the wrong direction and treat you like trash. You could not even pay me to eat the food at this place. Stay away from this place at all costs.

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Points négatifs

uneducated management
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tye most experience part of the job

the employees of the compass group of canada get along well because they work together on there jobs. unlike any other company which heals employee. and destroy
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Decent Work, Low Pay

Heavy duty cleaner at the local college. Very laid back environment, was able to work at my own pace as long as the assigned duties got done. Can get boring and repetitive. PRO'S Included working at own pace, great team on the evening shift, easy enough work. CON's pay is low for the work and does not reflect cost of living, site security will turn lights out.on you while working even if they know your there, college kids are absolute slobs. All and all a decent experience and I would recommend this company.
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Good environement

I really enjoyed working at Ottawa u for compass group very friendly great benefits friendly staff and management Breaks were always prompt and food was always done and prepared fresh
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Horrible work environment where you are treated like a slave

I had the misfortune of working for Compass Group and just want to let others know that they treat their workers horribly, are disrespectful, pay barely over minimum wage and overall don't care about you. You are a number, they don't care how hard you work, how much you give, or how much you care. They will dispose of you like garbage as soon as they realize you can't be manipulated or intimidated. They prefer people who are lazy as long as they don't question management.

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Points négatifs

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I learned to use a T-3 machine. I had my own route to follow. Were able to change routes as needed

Team leaders are very hard working and work with you. Every company has issues to deal with and this company needs to work on how co-workers are treated as well as disciplinary actions suited to the issue. My experience with some co workers was terrible. I chose to move to afternoon shift as the afternoon shifts I was treated much better.
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what a joke

Minimum wage with bare minimum benefits after 6 months. Job secuirty is the same as other non-union jobs but advancement is reserved for incompetent people that know how to play politics. I’ve seen good managers that are overworked and horrible managers that create chaos because of lack of experience so they’re all over the place.

Points positifs

Free training
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Great Work Environment

I loved working Compass. Their salary is a bit low, but they have an excellent benefit plan. I had many wonderful experiences working for them. Every day was a new learning experience.

Points positifs

I worked in long term care. I love my time around seniors.

Points négatifs

They pay a lower hourly wage, and I did miss a lot of holidays with my family.
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my team is a great group of people. everyone is friendly and helpful. things are a little confusing when it comes to scheduling or special projects outside of our normal daily tasks.
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cool place to work

i enjoyed working for compass canada, there was lots of work to be done, friendly people, some helpful people i worked with, some co-workers were nice, police
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Great Job

I loved working here. The hours were good and the work was interesting. Something different every day so you never get bored. The management was probably the best I have ever worked with. Sadly I had to move on to another job to make more money. Really wish the pay was better. If I could afford it, I would work for Crothall before the company I am with now.

Points positifs

interesting work, good people, nice management

Points négatifs

really low pay.
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Good Co workers

Good people management sucks they are on you anout breaks.and tou get nasty letters if you miss minor things.The clients co workers are good.but some are disrespectful.

Points positifs

Excellent Co workers who deserve better

Points négatifs

Work like a slave
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was a good work experience

they sometimes work people hard, making them feel like they're a working slave, awesome co-workers, helpful supervisors, really good learning experiences v
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Very fast paced

Compass group is a very efficient and productive work place. Seasonal work can slow advancement. Very friendly professional staff and fair pay rates make it an easy place to spend a summer.

Points positifs

Free lunch

Points négatifs

Shift work
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stressful workplace

A typical day at work was a little bit stressful but I had some good colleagues so we were helping each other. I learned to clean the dining hall, toilet. The most enjoyable part of the job was to meet people all the time,the hardest part was when they ask you to do a task and you are not done yet, they interrupt you with another one and after that they will be shouting. It was like we are not HUMANS
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Management protects the lame, lies and I would never work for them again, . Its all about padding their pocket, staff is there to just make sr management look good.

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Points négatifs

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Steady workload, good energy.

Working with Compass Group provides a steady workload, and a good energy for a positive work environment. This helps when training new staff, who are daunted by the large scale job.
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Cleaner chez Compass Group

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