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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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good place for starting job

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good place for starting job. Gives you a basis for starting your working career. management is fair. work environment is good. merit based working structure.
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A stressful and complicated environment.

What is the best part of working at the company?Always greet customers with a friendly attitude. Work as a team player. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?When management and employees are not communicating with each other. One blames the other for a poor review. If there is an injured person, management does not adhere to the safety rules. New hired employees can get to do what they want to; letting regular staff that they have not taken the time to follow company’s guidelines.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?There is a mixture of different cultures in one place. The English language is hard to understand and they are very messy. They talk rude to employees and treat us like their slaves.What is a typical day like for you at the company?I arrive 30 minutes before my shift begins. I gather the cash till to count the cash and coins to ensure the correct amount is in the till. I walk my way to my work station to make sure that it is properly cleaned and fully stocked. Interacting with different people is my main job. At the end of my shift, I made sure that my work station is fully stocked and clean. I count my cash till at the office, secure my till in the designated till enclosure then I clock out.
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  • Absence de stress
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Good working environment. Good colleagues.

I am an attendant.I have fun and am happy working at my unit, with my friendly colleague.My leaders, and supervisors always encourage me and give me clear instructions for tasks, and many opportunities to advance my career.

Points positifs

Half-price on foods & drinks for staff.

Points négatifs

Evening shifts.
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Was nice working there. Interesting job. Loved the people who I worked with. The pay was okay but not the best.But overall a really nice place to work.
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Horrible place to work !!

Would not recommend to anyone. They treat there employees badly and overwork them. No matter how short staff is you are expected to be stress out and do the job with no help from management or anyone. You well get yelled at for helping out other employees. It's nothing but a place of drama. You well get wrote up for things that other employees are allowed to do. Unless you are willing to be overworked for very low pay then I suggest any workplace but this one.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

The entire business
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do not work here

the wages are low - usually minimum wage or near the lowest payment allowed by the government. when taxes and other deductions such as meal plan and union fees, are taken into consideration, the average pay cheque from compass group is below minimum wage.
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Supervisor was not good or knowledgeable

The people i worked with where for the most part good. The manager was professional. The problem was the supervisors. They had no people skills whatsoever.

Points positifs

2.00 for food per day

Points négatifs

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Toxic Workplace

The workplace is incredibly toxic. You are overworked and undercompensated. You will be asked to do the tasks of three other people. Management does not care about you and will never appreciate you, unless you are a 'favourite'. You will get bullied by your managers and co-workers who have been there for a while. There is a rampant case of workplace harassment and despite numerous complaints, nothing is ever done. I would highly recommend not working here.
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No complaints, people are generally nice, can be repetitive, lots of diversity, lots of networking, long shifts, managers are ok, customers are alright

Points positifs

Free lunches

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Understaffed work place too cheap to hire anyone else

Do not generally recommend working here ever.. They are too cheap too hire the right amount of people so everyday I come to work stressed, which isn’t good for my heath.
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Worst job ever

Worked there for 4 years and they fired me so I grieved it because they lied. Very fast paced. Management is the reason why I have mental health issues. They favourite staff. They aren’t considerate at all. They don’t care about their staff. The place is disgusting, staff stole money from me and management didn’t do anything .I do not recommend this job for anyone. Ever since I quit my mental health has been great
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Great workers horrible management

Terrible management very unorganized and not caring towards employees. They definitely need to change management if they want to run a successful store. Employees get written up for absolutely nothing and the hours are terrible
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Its a job when u need cash to use as an extra income

Its a job starter to build your career in retail or hospitality sector.. copps coliseum was a good place to work waa.good place to work

Points positifs

You make.pocket cash for.small.stuff

Points négatifs

The pay wage doesnt cut it at 14.00 per hr
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Management is terrible

Takes forever to fix broken equipment. The supervisor is useless, never resolve anything. Very stress full environment, the only I missed was some of the crew.
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I was working

I was very happy to work for them. I got layed off too soon! I worked a very steady day, There was LOTS to do, I like being busy so ya... It was all good, Good wages and Union / Benefits,

Points positifs

Good Experience doing different work, different shifts.

Points négatifs

We only worked 8 hrs a day. Sometimes breaks were hard to take, but you were told to take them, so if you didn't it was basically your fault.
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Enjoyed my time at Compass!!

Lovely company to work for and no complaints at all.They treated the employees very well and was fun to work. They provided good training for those with no experience.
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Nice place to work

Everyone was friendly and easy going. Had a good experience working here. Always very busy and never left wondering what to do. Nothing to complain about and everything was run smoothly.

Points positifs

Free meal. Short hours

Points négatifs

Few shifts
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Fun and very nice group of people. Also a productive workplace

I got stuck in the elevator! Also got free food, and to learn new experience in the workforce and met some awesome hardworking reliable team members and managers!
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Compass Group Canada

I was able to learn the duties involved in the kitchen and in managing the patio. Advanced my customer service skills by working in a tourist attraction.
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Fun place to work with lots of great people!

The most enjoyable part of the job was being able to interact with a lot of great people...both customers and fellow employees. It is a busy store the hardest part is being efficient when ringing in customers.
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work place was just awesome

i loved working for Compass Group, the people were awesome. never had an issue with anyone. my contract was only for a year so i had to leave. the pay was not bad
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Cashier chez Compass Group

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16,23 $ par heure

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