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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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très accueillent bonne communication travail en équipe

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moins de temps
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Loved the coworkers. Management were never on site weekends, difficult to communicate with. Pay was decent for a part time position. Expected to work every single weekend to maintain a part time position
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Unreliable Schedule

Their schedule is so unreliable. For example, you might think that you’re scheduled to work on a certain day but they cancel the morning of. And it’s not a one time occurrence.
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Productive and Fun workplace

very good management and flexible schedule;sometimes long working hours;very friendly environment and team work;you can learn a bunch of new skills such as working in a team and multitasking
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Great place to work

The working environment is fantastic and the management treats employees well. They provide enough hours to make a decent living. However, the work schedule can be inconsistent despite the smooth workflow.
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The most disappointing professional experience

While there are some wonderful individuals working for Compass Group, the overall atmosphere created by those in charge was toxic and disrespectful. I had the opportunity to work under the regional director, and it quickly became clear that there was no interest in providing support, respect or listening to their team. Additonally, I was mislead about my position, which was a new role for Compass Group, however I was presented with a position very different to what was promised prior to signing the contract. Benefits are provided at a COST to the employees after 6 months (unless you have any interest in becoming a supervisor or higher), and it is costly for the individual. I can honestly admit that this experience was not a positive one, and I chose to leave due to the toxicity, and lack of respect shown by leaders. All the hard workers there deserved so much better.

Points négatifs

Long hours, toxicity, disrespect
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Rewarding with career growth

I have been fortunate to work with this company for 6 years . They have been great to me and supported me throughout my time so far. They are always striving to be the best and are humbled in there approach. As a big company there can be some missed opertunities if you don't keep your ear to the ground . Otherwise you are supported and rewarded while working with this group.
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Good work environment for some, not for others

This was my first ever part-time job. As a new worker, learning how to bake, make drinks, and make sandwiches was somewhat fun for me, and I had a pretty positive first day at work. However, the more I worked, the more I realized that this job wasn't for me. My coworkers would sometimes slack off and lay off their duties to me, some were judgmental, my managers were unorganized with their scheduling, and the job quickly became monotonous, and just plain irritating. After working there for a summer, I am never going back to a fast food job.
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Worst Location to Work

Probably the work place to work. Low wages and horrible work life balance. I won’t recommend this place to anyone. They dont know how to treat the employees.
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Stay away from this place.

They lie about the hours they will give you in the interview. Also, they say you get benefits, but you really dont. They also explained to me that you get tips, but you actually don't. Stay away

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Change Management

Management doesn't care about your growth and promote those staff who can be their mute follower not based on competency. Dumb mangement, soon all the clients will know as the quality of staff they promote they hire lack knowledge or skills
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Unreliable schedule, multitasking is required

I'm currently hired at the toronto zoo as a restaurant associate, however, you will need to adapt to the several restaurants on site and have lots of patience
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Staff is great, management iffy

If you aren't part of management's inner circle there's no room for growth, the unprofessionalism displayed by management is astounding.Would only suggest this place if you have thick skin
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Easy work, beware of drama

The work here is repetitive and easy, you'd have to help others along the way but it's not bad. Some buildings have a ton of work drama though. I enjoyed the new experiences.
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Do not work here ever....

They won´t care about you in any way.Management is terrible, they mostly don´t know what are they doing.Believe me...I am just waiting to find another job and as soon as I get it, I will present my resign...This is my first job in Canada and they let me down... terribly!!!

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Was nice working there. Interesting job. Loved the people who I worked with. The pay was okay but not the best.But overall a really nice place to work.
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Productive and

Great place to learn and develop management skills. Organize with strong HR department. I loved being trained, the incentives for the personnel and all the programs available “HERO”, “BE A STAR”, etc

Points positifs

Lots of incentives

Points négatifs

Inestable job
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Good place to build network if your young

Work can be hard and long hours at time due to amount of daily traffic at the Zoo, but you meet a lot of great people and management is usually friendly.

Points positifs

Co-workers, hour flexibility, summer job

Points négatifs

Long days sometimes, amount of customers, heat, pay
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Enjoyable and collaborative

Really encouraging environment, pushing all employees to do their best while supporting them in every way. Work life balance is key and they value their employees here
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Boring but Expected

Ended up working as supervisor of a few floors for an office attached to a factory. Not much to do since most continued working from home. Overall management was good and understanding. Never micromanaged or asked for help beyond your scope.
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no room for growth. horrible management

i am really wondering how they hire certain people in the management team when all they know is to gaslight you and doesn’t know half the job they’re supposed to do. they can’t even require proper training and expect you to know everything within a few hours on your first day. they won’t bother hiring more staff when certain departments need staff. they overwork you and throw you under the bus. they don’t care how tired you are. i’ve seen people cry and about to pass out but they never care at all. the people who work in payroll are inexperienced and they’ve missed out several pays staff are supposed to be getting. super unprofessional and i’m wondering why this agency still exists. they don’t give you any motivations to work. please avoid this job and go somewhere else.

Points négatifs

bad management
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