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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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It was a good place to work. Then the US influence changed that and not to the better.

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I would not go back to this company. Management has changed in how they respect their employees. Store managers are over worked and company removed financial bonus years ago at the unit level. Budgets are unrealistic.

Points positifs

You worked with some nice people.

Points négatifs

No work life balance if you work in a management roll of any kind, They expect to much from you with the time you have, Very stressful.
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Not a very pleasant experience after 1 month

Training is all over the place. Expectations are ridiculous and over all its an ok job. No security and no transparency. An absolute horrible to work specially the london office.

Points positifs

Free lunch during pandemic

Points négatifs

Training is an absolute nightmare.
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Working there

I loved the people I met while working but management where I was located was awful, I was being underpaid as a student and not for fulltime and then they also left off my premium for nights. It was a good job for the most part but definitely in need of some improvements
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Fast paced

Fast paced. Hard workers get taken advantage of, while poor workers get treated like gold . Unrealistic expectations for minimum wage. Management lied to staff and treated them like they were stupid. Poor staff morale

Points positifs

Free lunch

Points négatifs

Low pay for hard work, always short staffed
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Stressful and no room for improvement

When I first started working here I thought it was a good place to be, but that didn’t last long. First came the poor management, they only seemed to discipline/favour certain employees over others and telling you to work late without asking if you are able to do so. Next came the stress of the work load that management would place on you and making you work longer than your 8 hour shift just to get everything done.Finally they cut the amount of hours you will get with no notice and blame it on the amount of sales that they are receiving, when you think it is just because they don’t want to pay you the extra time anymore. So basically what I am trying to get at here is avoid at all costs. When I left on a Friday management said I had 1 week (so until following Friday) to bring uniform back and received text saying if I don’t bring it back today (being Wednesday) they would hold my final pay check until I bring it back!
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Management is awful

Unless you are part of the management cliques, they will over work you, with no help and never enough staff. I don't recommend working here.

Points positifs

Paid breaks

Points négatifs

Everything else
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They are easy to get along with. If u have a problem they sit with you and talk about it. Very understanding.. I have been there for 13 years .. they treat u like a part of a family .. We all work together.
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Not the best place to work

Not the best place to work in my opinion , yes its unionized so it has job security and full benefits that cover 80% of everything but management then was a joke

Points positifs

unionized and full benefits

Points négatifs

THEN could have been ran better went through several different bosses in the 10yr was there, zero chances for promotions
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productive work place

I enjoyed the people I worked with. The time flew by everyday.We worked together as a team. I was promised more hours then I got but the covid 19 hit and put everything on hold
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Stepping Stone

It was better than being unemployed but that's about it. Hands off management, poisonous work environment and just overall a negative place to be and work.
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Long hours

People always call in sick want to leave early no training train for all job. Shifts change all the time. U have to pay to park. Disorganized ppl don't care and want to pick hours
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Compass Group is one of the best companies I have ever worked for. Amazing benefits, pension plan, a decent wage, and secure work. There's room to move up as well.
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Secure place to work with quality benefits and compensation

I enjoy working for Compass Group Canada and feel I'm fairly paid and receive generous benefits. My only real negative is that advancement in certain departments can be limiting.
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If you like your privacy dont talk to no one

At first perfect job 5 yrs with company I loved it than 9 different managers in less than a year some good and some just AWFUL most of them fair but one was just to into herself
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Management,,, terrible

Extremely unrealistic work place. Worts company I have ever worked for. Lies told all the time, paper work is more important than the health and safety of customers.
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Really put me down..

Working at Compass Group wasn't enjoyable at all - A typical day at work was really, really stressful, with my coworker telling me certain things that I didn't enjoy, saying I wasn't good enough. I had reported numerous incidents another coworker did to management with no outcome(s) or improvement, until coworker quit. I was asked to stay late multiple times and worked three extra months as they had asked me to before I decided to leave because it was too stressful.
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Large Worldwide Company

Great people and company values are good. Salary and bonuses are ok once you move into leadership positions. Corporate organizational model is very different than more traditional models and hard to navigate. Takes a long time to get to understand how the business works.
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Management is Non-Existent

Met my district manager maybe 3 times in 6 months. When there’s a problem they will blame you and throw you under the bus in a heartbeat even though training is horrible. No accountability, horrible training and they will throw you out without warning. Don’t waste your time.
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good stepping stone

ok place but not willing to pay much for anyone - lots of office politics. employees don't matter, benefits suck big time.........................................
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Poor management

Different software, no proper training and heavy work load. No job security. Poor management. Tried to get more work without proper training enven though they have different software.
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Toxic work place

Compass do not care about it's workers and the work load they do every day. I been with them for 15 years and only making 15 dollars a hour how pathetic is that. The esm they hire and run places do not like to listen and talk to the workers. I could go on and on but won't.

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