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Fort McMurray, AB43 avis

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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great for graduating students

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Compass Group is a good opportunity to dive into a customer service role. The compensation is fair, and skills can be developed. The downside of working for Compas Group was the high turnover in employees due to no training and effective onboarding.
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Horrible place

No progression staff that were there 7 years made the same amount as I did on day 1 , under staffed, underpaid , bad benefits, bad management, client would be up your butts but there’s so many managers , and none talk to eachother.

Points positifs

Rotational schedule, hours

Points négatifs

Low pay, long hours, no overtime until you go over 168 hours.
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Great people to work with.

Good rotational position, pay is more then fair.Position is very safety orientated and enforced.All in all a good company to work with. It has many opportunities for advancement.
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Camp job

Nice pay with good benefits. Some shifts are long as you work from 10 yo 12 hours a day and rotational shift 14/14 or 21/7. They pay higher rate comparing to other company and the stay is free. And food is free with free flights to camp site from your home area. Good management team involvement with the staff sometimes it has politics but its only in the mind if you want to get involve with the politics or just work. You have workload that is doable for the 10 or 12 hour shift with breaktimes. Always have to work safe.
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Enjoyable culture

I have been working for Compass group for the past 15 years For the most part it has been a positive experience No complaints really Positive culture

Points positifs

Flexible shifts

Points négatifs

Working away from home for 2 weeks
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Wasn't a fun experience at all.

If you showed you could be a great asset to the organization in multiple areas of work, they will persistently want to use, abuse and almost work you to death for shifty pay. Culture of horrible favoritism.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Hateful people, from top. Especially mid level managers.
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I am hard working and diligent

Mostly working with our coworkers.I am interested and well experienced in camp activities , so I shared my experience and learn from your experience .
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Good place to work big kitchen good teamwork

Good place to work good environment team work production hotels standards on time flexible realible food safe inventory update allergies alert productible
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Very poor management

Doesn’t promote growth within the establishment, So people are stuck doing the same things over the years and that seniority isn't valued or something. Managers does not know how to speak professionally to employees. I’ve over heard managers speaking badly about employees to other employees. The training is not really good. Management needs to take Human Resources training and sensitivity training.. there is time that one of the manager will embarrassed you in front of customers. Not a good company to work with specialty at syncrude cadeteria.
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Excellent service

It’s a good opportunity working composs group. I can join last 2 years. Good benefits,fixiable schedheld. I would like to continue that group. I recommend good opportunity,if you can good carriers make difficult situations Canada Good composs group componay. Easy apply ,Benifits, paid vacation.
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I was working

I was very happy to work for them. I got layed off too soon! I worked a very steady day, There was LOTS to do, I like being busy so ya... It was all good, Good wages and Union / Benefits,

Points positifs

Good Experience doing different work, different shifts.

Points négatifs

We only worked 8 hrs a day. Sometimes breaks were hard to take, but you were told to take them, so if you didn't it was basically your fault.
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High work volume

Work wise high volume of work load. Friendly environment. Safety 1st all the time. Always 12hours and and 14daus straight and highly paying company. Can recommend about pay

Points positifs

Free food accommodation

Points négatifs

12 hrs
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I'd rather not work for them if possible,,to many silly rules ,stupid recipes they want you to folllow ,to cheap ,poor management most times ,to many managers
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You ca hiring works

If posting job you hiring the workers when we see the job my we think you people hiring for works we did see people looking looking job not getting nothing just nothing
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Learn New Skills

Fast paced environment. Working in a remote environment is an experience all it's own. You will learn new skills, and new ways to manage. Great pay, however long days while there.
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Fast Paced and Challenging

Worked away from home at a remote site for 20 consecutive days. Things always moved at a fast pace and was kept challenging as things were always changing.
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My experience

This company is good place of work with the good benefits.Manager are friendly to a staff. We following the standards recipes for the company some how where short with staff and food supplies but in general we survive at night operation. I am the 1st cook/chef at night in charge the breakfast service. I'm insuring my staff are properly worn PPE and work safely and go home safe. I really enjoy much but sometime I'm looking for the job at sea just because I formerly working at the cruise ship for more than 10 years. I really like it the only reason why I quit in cruise ship because in 2009 I came here in Canada. I hope you guys contacted me in the future for more info. Thank you and have a pleasant wonderfull day.

Points positifs

free meal
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Diverse work envorionment

They have offices across the country and across the seas. Based out of Britian, they cover many different areas of service including high school cafeterias, oil sand workcamps, and retirement living food service.
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Hard Compensation for Hard Work

They give you exactly the load a hard worker can tolerate on a daily basis. If you're looking for an easy buck, move along! If you're looking for money and aren't afraid of 8-12 hours of sweat, this is the place you want to go.

Points positifs

Work Rotations

Points négatifs

Work Rotations
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Good Company

I worked as Camp Attendant for ESS Compass Group in a camp in the oil fields cleaning rooms We worked long hours, 21 days on then 7 days off Hard work but the benefits were great

Points positifs

Free Meals

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Great company

Great company to work for. Great opportunities for development. They take pride in their employees success and hard work. Fun atmosphere great family work environment
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