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Edmonton, AB40 avis

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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great people and fun place to work

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Great environment and venue and fantastic people to work with. Management could do a little better and work on some things otherwise most things flow smoothly.
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Stressful unrewarding and little to no chance of promotion

Long hours really late long and hard work. Management has a select few they actually care about and allow for toxic work environment lots in fighting

Points négatifs

Late hours, toxic work environment, poor management
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Work Load

Working in a fast paced environment. Good coworkers. Workload can be a lot at times but as long as you have your time management skills, you will be fine!
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Fast-paced. Great to work at if you are in school.

flexible hours so it's good to work at specially if you're in school. Seasonal work but good place to work at.Fast-paced environment and easygoing managers

Points positifs

Flexible hours and decent workplace

Points négatifs

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Productive and high paced

Decent work but really high paced. Will keep you on your feet. Work hours will vary and will be on call most of the time.Pay is pretty low for how much workload is given thought.
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Fun staff, organized company

- Free food(sometimes)- Nice staff and managers- Organized company with strict rulesLike-minded university students mostly surround you if you are of that age group, and even if you aren't, you'll still find nice people that are inclusive. It gets boring after a while, as you'll be standing still most of the time; you'll have to make a conscious effort to find something to do sometimes.
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Good working environment. Good colleagues.

I am an attendant.I have fun and am happy working at my unit, with my friendly colleague.My leaders, and supervisors always encourage me and give me clear instructions for tasks, and many opportunities to advance my career.

Points positifs

Half-price on foods & drinks for staff.

Points négatifs

Evening shifts.
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DeepMind Unit

My experience was unique, the unit itself was special. We catered food for Google DeepMind, therefore, the environment was different from any other unit.

Points positifs

Liberty for creation

Points négatifs

Google closed the office
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Dont work here if you do not know anyone in here.Manager only hire anyone they know, if you are outsider get ready to be thrown under the bus.Management can do whatever they want and you need to follow them if you want to survive. I can understand know why their rating is low.

Points positifs

Easy to get hired

Points négatifs

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Fun and fast pace

Fun work for the winter seasonal, get to watch oliers games for free, management was quick and responsive to issues, you get to work a variety of stations from gourmet to consesion to food prep all the way to cooking and preparing food for the oilers team themselves.
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Fun plays to work

Fun lively atmosphere with supportive management. The co workers are amazing but it’s is a high stress environment. Good scheduling and flexibility. Understand of work life balance

Points positifs

Great co workers

Points négatifs

Nothing discounted
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The WORST job, dirt pay, unfit management

Besides the belittling from toxic co-workers and management, management only cares for the company. The required equipment is rarely, if EVER provided. Sudden termination if you cancel a shift THEY put on your schedule. You won't leave most events until after midnight, (despite starting at noon) which if you take the bus, means your screwed. Little to no training, and if you mess up they act like your to blame. Working there I was taught for half a shift, then every day for a week someone would get angry at me for not doing something right, or asking where things go. It feels as if everything that could make it a terrible place to work is already a prominent part of the work environment
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Moving in the right direction

Compass has a lot of Positives, they are always looking on ways to improve or streamline things. good start if you are looking for a entry level manager position,

Points positifs

good entry level experience, my direct management team is awesome

Points négatifs

Expectations on management can be a lot, high standards can make you feel overhelmed
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fun place to work

The managers and supervisors are really nice. They will always come and say you did good job at the end of work.......... It's a divers place to work in. i totally would recommend anyone to work there.
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Fun workplace

I had the best management ever. Working at compass group is fun not so much stress as you would experience in any other restaurant environment. I would love to work here longer .

Points positifs

Free lunches ; Breaks

Points négatifs

Unstable job at college setting in this pandemic.
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Fine. If your ok with not being safe.

They do not take safety of the staff seriously. A major safety issue was brought up and instead of doing an investigation on it. They stated to "Do what I say or you are fired". Not a safe place to work

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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productively and fun environment

I really liked to work for this company. And I want to be part of it long term. I want to make my career with this company. I Enjoy my work but sometimes it's stressful also.
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Incompetent Management

I won't sugar coat it, Compass Group is the worst company I have ever worked for. There are no pay raises, no advancement, and no incentives. Upper management makes it abundantly clear that they are there to make a profit, not to help resolve issues or to support their employees in any way. Employees are regularly thrown under the bus by management due to their own negligence. We are required to work hours outside of what is stated in our contract, and to go along with last minute schedule changes without being consulted first. Rules change daily without notification, and employees are written up for things that they were never made aware of. Training is almost non-existent and done by regular entry-level employees who are not qualified nor compensated for this extra task, rather than a supervisor or management.I could go on and on, but there is genuinely no benefit to working here other than being able to survive. It is an awful and degrading work environment.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

No wage increases, no advancement, no communication, no consistency, required to be available outside of the work hours stated in contract, poor work culture, poor management
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good company. bad managment

not a bad company. just some of the management expect unrealistic things on very short notice and it feels as though you are doing there job for them.

Points positifs

great hours

Points négatifs

get deducted off check for food
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Horrible Experience

Pay is atroshish for cost of living . To many managers dont know what they are doing . Rude mean and disrespectful .. Yells at staff is something goes wrong .
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Positive working environment and support system

My daily routine consists of work orders, general maintenance of the building and area. Assisting with emergencies and building security when required. The hardest part of my job is not having enough stock or extra appliances to fix or replace when needed. I get a lot of enjoyment out of completing a job or solving a problem for the betterment of the building and residents.
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