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Calgary, AB42 avis

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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Le personnel et les superviseurs m’ont soutenu et aider pour m’intégriez et apprendre
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Not well organized and poor standards.

What is the best part of working at the company?The executive chef is excellent to work for and with.He really cares about his team and creates a positive wirk environment.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Not getting enough hours and not having the proper supplies to do the job properly.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Get to work and meet deadlines, prepping platters and sandwiches
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Everyday is different

Very busy everyday,fun but you need to work hard , no free food so you have to bring your own food no free flights, this is good if you want to get full hours of fulltime shifts

Points positifs

You can get full hours shift

Points négatifs

no free food
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Great company to work for

Overall great experience except for one manager who was always in a bad mood. Pay was good for the type of work we were doing. Would definitely recommend anyone to work for them
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Worked there as a part-time employee while studying. Nice and understanding people but low pay. Hours can be flexible if needed for your situation. Average workplace.
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Productive and fun place to work

Enjoyable place to workGood people and managementThere is a lot of good co workers who will help you. Salary is good enough for starting a new job . You will learn a lot
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Terrible Management Team

No Respect A breeding ground for NepotismYou don’t necessarily want or need to create a “buddy” culture in the workplace, but you certainly don’t want to have a hostile environment. Employees should feel safe and happy at work. In fact, having friends at work boosts employee engagement, whereas toxic employees hurt morale and productivity. Keep an eye out for unprofessional behaviors and set up strict policies to prevent serious cases, e.g. harassment or violence, from occurring.The company culture is not what you say you are; it’s what you actually are. You might promote yourself as the “best place to work” when in reality your workplace is toxic. Or, you might have installed a beverage machine and a ping pong table in the office because all the cool companies have them, but in reality your employees hardly use them as they’re always working overtime. If you want to truly build a positive employer brand, focus on what matters: meaningful employee benefits and fair reward systems.
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Good quality. They give importance to their employee. They also provide benefits and they are considerate. They are responsive to any questions you ask.

Points positifs

Flexible schedule

Points négatifs

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Supportive and very high standard in health and safety

Great company except getting salary increase takes a long time and sometimes work is too much and does not worth the amount of salary your getting. Overall management and people you work with are awesome.
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Toxic culture. Favor suck ups. Work you to death and no bonuses unless the managers really like you. excessive work loads and under pay

Mgrs are toxic & cause stressful atmospheres w gossip. HR is very unprofessional. Stressful days, overworked. low pay 4 big company. No credit 4 help

Points positifs

Nothing under the new People and Culture rule

Points négatifs

Everything that isnt seen by CEO
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Stay away no matter what they say

Horrible management , unorganized, they Pay is a jokeNo overtime at all is allowedAs a Christmas bonus you will receive a Hershey's EXPIRED chocolate bar. !!!!!Just a big joke

Points positifs

Good hours

Points négatifs

Everything thing else
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Productive fun place to work

It was the best place I ever worked the environment crew and salary made me want to go to work everyday everywhere should be like this when they pick up the near future with newer projects if I'm not currently working or satisfied with my job I'll be definitely trying to get a placement pack at the company.
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Good place safety first

Company spending more on safety of employees and clients more then any other organization in world . Lots of online sources to training . Need some real training programs .
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Hard work with no reward

I was hired as a Grill assistant / Dishwasher. At the time of interview I was told that on joining them I would be presented with a small barbecue equipment as gift. Even after completing 2 months I did not receive it. On reporting to the manager I was told it will be enquired of the delay. After a couple of days I was told that it was given to someone else. I was then given a spring jacket. After a first wash it wasn’t worth wearing. The quality of the jacket u can imagine how it was. I stuck with this job as I had week ends off as it was a college cafeteria. I loved to cook and enjoyed working at the Grill and at times in the Kitchen making Indian food (butter chicken)

Points positifs

Got to learn from the chef.

Points négatifs

Underpaid for the work u do.
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good place for starting job

good place for starting job. Gives you a basis for starting your working career. management is fair. work environment is good. merit based working structure.
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Just Here to Pump out Work

Worked for this company for a short period of time. There was no training and the little “training” you do get allows you to do the bare minimum. They piled on work and expected you to get things done with unrealistic deadlines. There was very little communication about job expectations which lead to it being a short time spent there. If you want to work somewhere where you barely know what you’re doing this is the place for you!

Points positifs

Good pay, decent hours, flexible

Points négatifs

No training, no communication with management
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Life at Compass

Terrible experience, one I would want to forget. Its a very heartless organization and can use and abuse based on needs.
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Worst management and lack of motivation

Depressing work culture and place and unhygienic. Fake management promise and over expecting staff. If you say no to any task you loose hours because they schedule weekly basis. Labour Court should involve.

Points positifs

Free lunch

Points négatifs

Management and culture and hour's
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No one is safe

Decent company if you have the right boss. There is no job security and the consent cutting of hours. I do not recommend anyone working for Chartwells at SAIT due to the poor leader in place by the Resident District Manager. Shame on you and Compass.

Points positifs

Work life balance

Points négatifs

Never safe no matter what your bring. Always cutting and expect managers to cover the short fall.
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Nice co workers

Good people fun interesting challenging good times to me I like the enviroment the atmosphere while I was there I learns more from my chef whose is great leader very clam excellent person to work with, good comunication

Points positifs

I do not eat at work

Points négatifs

I like long hours
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Very good

Working at second cup as my first summer job, I learned many important life skills and all the people I worked with were very nice. I would definitely work there again.
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