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What are the perks offered by Compass Group Canada?

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I have worked in 4 of the Compass Group Canada divisions...from a causal PT employee to a seasonal contracted lower level Manager. There is no benefits within this company, which is disappointing.

Um... it's a job? Apart from that, nothing.

Absolutely no perks

Employees do not receive overtime, sick time, or benefits (unless hired full-time). I even was told that I couldn't clock earlier than 5 mins before my shift, despite having to arrive 10 to 15 mins before my shift begins. Although, one perk is that if scheduled to work a stat holiday employees are paid double hourly wage rate.

Employees do not receive overtime, sick time,
or benefits (unless hired full-time)... Or at least at the location I am employed at. However, workers scheduled on holidays get paid double time and a half.

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There are honestly no perks to working here. I guess if you want your soul sucked out of you, then work for compass!

You are charged $2 to $5 per meal depending which unit you are working for. Don't expect to be paid sign that right away in your contract - Compass averages hours over a 2 week period. And if you work for more than one unit, even if you work more than 44 hours a week overall, your hours are paid separately by the units - so it is like having 2 part-time jobs. Favouritism is standard in their culture.

Only CEO and district managers get the bonuses. The ones that bring the money and treat awful. Work hard follow the budget and get nothing. So the big wigs can cash in. NICE!!!!!

No perks!!!

They’re are not very many perks to be quite honest

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