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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Compass Group?

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  • Face to face

  • One basic interview then a email

  • The interview process was a little longer then any other interview, we talked about what i would do in certain situations. After that i got the job on the spot and i signed my Union papers, healthy and safety papers and also my WHIMIS.

  • The call on the phone ask questions, but some time the call just ask would you like to go camp. Over the year , they know I will get the job down

  • I went through 3 interviews

  • Its very straightforward. Initial phone interview followed by a face to face interview. Brush up on your excel (i.e. vlookup and pivot tables) for the second interview.

  • The interview process when I was hired 29 years ago is a lot different than the one today that they go through. 29 years ago the office manager interviewed you and you started the next week. Today I believe it is a lot different with being interviewed by a few people before you get the job.

  • Face to face interview.

  • I barely had an interview. I was asked a few questions by the manager of the uOttawa cafeteria at the time, who is a wonderful and pleasant person, and was hired on the spot, with a recommendation from my cousin who had currently worked there.

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