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  • Comment décririez-vous l'environnement de travail et la culture d'entreprise?
  • Quels sont les horaires de travail?
  • Quels sont les quelques conseils pour réussir l'entretien?

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On the spot. If they don’t call you back right away, unfortunately it means that they are still interviewing other candidates. Myself personally, if a company doesn’t call me back within two weeks, I would call them, and see what’s going on so I can move forward somewhere else.

Réponse du 31 mars 2020

They won’t call you back to say you didn’t get the job. You’d have to follow up and phone or email.

Réponse du 31 mars 2020

Don’t need to worry about it. They hire anyone, people are always quitting, because they are treated bad

Réponse du 26 janvier 2018

Be professional, make sure you dress as such. Answer only what you are asked, and do your best to be open at the same time. Show you can be independant, but also capable of getting along with a team.

Réponse du 24 août 2019

Be yourself! They are always looking for employees!

Réponse du 4 septembre 2019
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