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Overall okay, until they put you into a leadership position and slam a metric f-ton of work on your for no extra compensation. Getting requested days off is nearly impossible.
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Great Team and fun place to work!

I worked here for 5 years as a cashier and loved it! Always had great coworkers and management. There are a lot of opportunities to try out different departments or advance in your own department. You're constantly learning something new about all of the health products and food they carry, which includes sampling! Definitely recommend if you're into health & wellness as well as good people.

Points positifs

great benefits, great management, good work environment, casual dress
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Fun and productive experience

Great culture.Very friendly staff make you feel at ease. Customers are loyal too . Lots of repeat business means you get to know the customers well and it makes a more personal experience.
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Amazing company to work for with some exceptions

I enjoyed every aspect of my role in day to day operations except for trying to cope with a few problematic "team members" on my supervisory team which sadly included the departments assistant manager. I witnessed and experienced bullying by these few employees from my departments supervisory team along with blatant lies used to manipulate situations to my manager, flagrant insubordination with tasks given or pertaining to their roles & responsibilities, insulting and/or demeaning comments directed toward myself, other staff, management and customers along with complete denial of most, if not all issues I raised with my direct manager. My position demanded a lot of my energy, which I was fine with, but the problems these few employees on my supervisory team created repeatedly for the time I was in my role wore me down completely, mostly because I was not believed/supported with these issues i repeatedly tried raising some attention to. I eventually resigned from my role because it became too much to handle on a daily basis. The stress of my role was manageable but what these folks added along with the stress of not being believed, knowing it was never going to stop and I was completely on my own trying to cope with the toxicity these employees brought to my role daily with no support from my management team became too much and I had to abandon the position and team I valued and admired so much. Even though I had a bad experience which made me leave, there were a thousand amazing experiences for which I wanted to stay. By far, 90% of my time with the company was the absolute - 

Points positifs

The company invests in their team.

Points négatifs

Not being supported fully as a manager.
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Good company

Great start when I first started at this company. At the time when I started, there was a cash manager who was phenomenal. Everyone in the cash department loved her as a boss. Unfortunately, the company chose to let her go when she approached them about moving down to part time due to school. Then we got a new cash manager and everything went south, FAST.

Points positifs

Flexible hours

Points négatifs

The cash manager
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Enjoyable place to work

I have worked in a few departing the 10 years of employment. Many different managers with different work policies. The Company stands for many great ethical purposes. Also supporting any parts of Calgary Family states in 1977

Points positifs

Great company!

Points négatifs

No raises or bonuses unless changing positions.
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Easy going workplace with a great atmosphere

Very laid back workspace with friendly co-workers and awesome managers. A good place to work if you enjoy the community and nature. Job days were not hectic, this varies on the job of course, but overall I would recommend this workplace!
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Poorly run. It's all about the shareholders

Very unfair place to work. If you are working along a gentleman named K-Roc. Ask for a transfer immediately. The commissary is the least likely place to get any kind of promotion or transfer. Best bet is stick to the stores.
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Great company with the right management. Good perks for staff and no discrimination based on gender, religion, or looks. Only left because of horrible management
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Great People Working too Hard for too Little

The atmosphere is great and the people are amazing. I believe that those on the bottom tier of the company do not get paid enough for the hard work that they do.
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People are nice and fun to work with

I really enjoyed working there. I had a lot of fun working with my coworkers even though it was stressful dealing with customers sometimes. Overall, it is a good community.
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fun and challenging work environment

very good job if you have a background in cooking, better experience than working in a fast-paced kitchen. sometimes can be hectic when there are different views between coworkers but most people get along quite well with eachother.
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Fun to work

Under staff hence too much work load. worst no respect for supervisors. bonus is free food. benefits are good. More cross training stuff needed to help the frontline. Return policy nee real revamp. Customer takes too much avantage of the system

Points positifs

Free Food good benefit

Points négatifs

under staff
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poor management, great company.

It's a good company to work for, there's a lot of upsides. I just cant deal with the management. They don't exactly hire people based on work ethic, but more on personality and if they will mesh with the team. they also play favorites a bit.
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good people to work with and comfortable environment

Daily prep, ordering, cooking and talking with Customers. Worked on new menu items and helping with change of the routine in the kitchen from ordering to cleaning.

Points positifs

Free lunches, two break times

Points négatifs

low pay rate
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Cafe Clerk

I truly loved my co-workers, however we were often understaffed. Management sometimes did not know how to deal with customers harassing female employees, I would say that was the hardest part about the job, being mistreated often by customers. Overall is not a bad place to work, but the turnover rate is very high. I met some amazing beautiful human beings working here though.

Points positifs

Free food, flexible schedule

Points négatifs

understaffed often
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fun place to work.

Really great selection of organic and local produce. Fun staff and great management. Always an easy day stocking fruits and veg. Generous staff discount of grocery.
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Best company to work for in this industry

A great company, employee focused, customer driven. A great environment that supports growth from within. Highly recommend as an employer if looking for employment
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Gone Downhill

I have worked at Community for many years, and I’m sorry to say, it has changed for the worse. The company is struggling financially, which has resulted in many supervisors and managers being let go. This results in a heavy workload for staff, and responsibilities passed on to us that should be the job of supervisors. The people at the top of the company struggle to figure out how to fix all the problems the company is facing. As a result, many staff have left and the ones who remain have low company morale. The ONLY benefit is the pay and benefits are decent. I would think twice about applying, though.

Points positifs

Dental and healthcare benefits. Decent wage.

Points négatifs

Everything else.
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Lots of knowledge obtained regarding food and health.

Good company to work for. They offered good benefits, as well as free food in the staff room. Upper Management was alright, but tended to not address any concerns employees made. Also, unfortunately, at the location I worked at there were two managers that were alcoholics. That tainted the experience a little bit because they would bully many of the employees, myself included, and they went so far as to threaten my job security when I tried to book off my Grandmother's funeral. I was forced to work that day and was not allowed to trade the shift with another employee. That aside, I learned a lot of cool things there, and still met many cool people. I still shop there today. (Both of those managers are also gone now.)

Points positifs

Free food.

Points négatifs

Poor Store Management when I was there.
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Staff were number 1 from management down.

A busy, relaxed, uplifting, caring work environment that staff felt they were genuinely part of a team making a difference in the world. Diverse people across a broad age group who were valued and respected.
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