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Cannot speak to the organization in the other program streams though I used to work in the complex needs program, as a community disability support practitioner. I’ll start with pros then lead into the cons.


- 4 twelve hour shifts and 3 days off at 25$ per hour. So high range for this field and position

- Decent financial bonuses based on performance and compliance with management

- Minimal paperwork (seemingly very useless minus a few key targeted charts for behaviour modification)

- From past experience If you are looking for a job that requires a minimal level of cognition and critical thinking you will be quite pleased



- Management does not value staff input or the safety of staff

- Supported individuals can constantly verbally and physically assault staff without repercussion

- Job is lacking in any sort of cognitive stimulation. Most of your days will be based around cooking/cleaning and deescalation of potentially violent situations followed by sitting on the couch for hours

- Team work is very strong though unfortunately it sometimes lacks if staff working together do not work well together or have different perspectives on support

- In the time I was working it appeared that documentation and case management is very unprofessional and very basic. If coming from a case management background and you thrive on objective, organized information, you will be disappointed.

- No room to progress your career in this position. This position is a job and will not stimulate you cognitively nor will it promote growth and a career
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