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Security Officer (Montréal, QC)

le 3 mars 2022
I have been working with this company going on 3 years in the Spring. They pay a very decent wage. The job is unionized which is always nice. As a veteran of the CAF I am proud to work for a company that was created after WW1 to help returning soldiers find gainful employment. If you can get a job with the Commissionaires I suggest that you stay with this company. As the title states, they are one...

Security Officer (Montréal, QC)

le 6 juin 2019
People are great, and management where I work are compassionate, and good listeners. Very fair treatment of agents. If you do your work, you can get recognized and rewarded as due. If you don't.... You get what you give. Much respect. Well balanced hours, and very flexible to your needs. (Again.... If you deserve). You can not give minimum and expect maximum return.

Security Agent (Westmount, QC)

le 26 septembre 2018
very committed to retired Military and RCMP members; Flexible hours; average pay scales; Good reputation among the security field; nice contracts in the greater Montreal area

security agent (Montréal, QC)

le 22 octobre 2015
I liked working in some contracts, but the employer doesn't seem to understand what is required by it's staff in order to keep things rolling in the right direction. Often confused and aims in the wrong direction. Staff in often understanding, but otherwise some contracts were really great within the 12 years of work for them. I have learned a great deal in security working for them from day ...

Security agent (Montréal, QC)

le 14 mars 2012
Make sure all exit are close for the night,write the daily report,call the authoroties when needed .
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