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This the worst company I've worked for. Unfriendly work environment, low wages and poor benefits. Management watches people like prison guards creating this very tense atmosphere. It's a job to gain work experience and time management.

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It's a job

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Place for survival job but no more

Place for survival job. Learn how to work with people who cheat and lie. No bonus reward and little pay. Everyone hate that place. Good luck if you go

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cheaters and lies, high turnover, low pay, no bonus or reward
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Worse place ever to work

The management there is the worst I have ever worked with. They know nothing especially the fake tooling manager there he is useless. Also the pay is garbage and the people are not friendly. I recommend no one to go there to work as a toolmaker because it’s better to be unemployed then work for them

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Management and pay
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Place to learn and grow

A place where everyone is ready to teach you if you show drive ... A great place to learn and grow. Company policies and ways might be non traditional but can take you places. Fast paced environment.
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Great Place to work, friendly environment

Pros: Good & Friendly people. Great place to learn. Companies has vast area of expertise. Cons: Some Lazy co workers think they are tool makers, don't know much that drags the team down
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A place for hard worker only.

Company is for hard workers only. Will learn a lot for future advancement. Should be able to adjust to the style of management and flexible to work with multi cultural employees.
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Run away

Worse company I have ever worked for. Don't go here you will get bad habits the longer you stay. They hire immigrants for cheap and treat them like dirt. Worse supplier as rated by customers. Not good on your resume.
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Horrible company

Do not work at this company. This company's Morals and Ethics are not to standard. They lie and break contracts with their Customers. They will make false promises to you and expect you to do other jobs far outside of your job description. Management is completely disorganized and disrespectful to all of their employees. They cycle employees on a constant basis and you will never be appreciated for the things you've done and accomplished along with having minimal challenges.

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Disrespectful Management, Unethical, False Promises, Numerous Safety Hazards, Underpaid and Extremely overworked, Corrupted Management, Unorganized, and numerous various issues
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Okay company

Okay company, Friendly people, Overtime if needed. Not paid enough as a CNC operator. Great for a summer job. Great knowlegable staff and training. Machines to work on.
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Worst company ever

horrible management, horrible pay, horrible working conditions, i could go on and on. Never work here. They will promise you the sun and the stars and give you nothing in reality.

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Everything they do
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clicks all over plant(s)

Clicks all throughout the plants- management and employees do not understand each-other. co-workers seem to have their own agenda and only will help if it "glorifies" themselves. training was/is bare minimum and you are expected to find out things on your own.
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try to avoid

Very unfriendly environment, waiting time for benefits (very poor) as per offer - 6 months, in real life-till 8 to 9 months. Very stressful and demanding job but not appreciate whatsoever.
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Best place for a new grad or new immigrant

This company is a great place to start your career Management believes in hiring people who are willing to learn and grow In this place you'll learn how to play politics at work and you will be well prepared for your next job Shouting and yelling by management are part of your typical working day and your are expected to behave the same way with the personnel Don't get offended if your manager humiliate you in your meetings As an office worker you will be required to deliver parts - even after work hours - with your personal vehicle (No overtime pay for office staff) Since the office is under staffed, working on Saturdays and occasionally Sundays and holidays is part of your job No bonuses or raise Below average extended health coverage Do not expect any praise or encouragement Minimum weekly work hours 42.5 hrs No matter how many years you work, you will have only 2 weeks paid vacations

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Best place as your first experience

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Salary, Management attitude
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the most enjoyable part of the jo

15 $ and hour is not Enough to run my family so I left commercial spring

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Productive work only

Training in qc dept for inspection activities. Management is highly productive oriented. Co-workers are cooperative.

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Long hours working
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