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Environnement de travail qui permet de travailler en autonomie mais aussi l'entraide entre les employés
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Good job but issues

Overall decent place to work, very clicky tho and if you upset certain people you won’t have a good time, management do not help at all and know it goes on
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Trying to make old science work

On the run all day. Production shouldn't suffer because you desk is farther away.Learned a lot from those I actually worked with. Everything they would put in front of me and then training others.Management does not stay long enough to make an impact.Culture is evolving.Finding time to fit in the meetings.When those I work with say Thanks.
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One of the best places to work IMO.

There have been changes since I started there but the people who work there are all very kind and willing to help when needed. I can not speak for all the managers, but the two I had through the course of 8 years were excellent. The pay rates have changed since I first started, but I can say very few jobs out there come remotely close to what my yearly salary was. New hires are paid less than what they used to be, and the old incentive plan is long gone. To be quite honest, I would still be working there if my family had been closer. In the end time outweighed money. They have very talented people working there, and I enjoyed most days as I thrive on fast paced work and the ability to problem solve. They are all good people at a good job.
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Very fun and relaxing interesting work

I loved working at Collins the hours fit my life perfectly the work was very interesting and the people they were always nice there was much room for advancement very helpful with childcare it was just a good place all around

Points positifs

Hours pay and benefits

Points négatifs

my supervisor wasn't ever helpful
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No complaints

realistic targets, nice people and most managers, consistent opportunities for learning and progression, contractors often bought on full time, just be nice to co workers and you'll find it great.
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Can be like a meat market

Seems to be more of a fashion show than an aerospace and electronics facility. Management does a great job of making workers at odds with one another. Too many stand up meetimgs every day. I started way back when the company pharmacy was inside the c Ave complex and all prescriptions were free. They have really taken away all the quality benefits and gave back biometrics to their employees. Way back when biometrics was first introduced we were told we would never be forced to participate at anytime in the biometrics and we knew then that this would become mandatory and it has. If I could count on both hands how many times they lied to us no one.wojld trust them.
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Nice place to work if they hadn't closed our site

Collins Aerospace was a great employer with many great coworkers. My plan was to retire from Collins but that was taken away when the corporate overlords made the decision to close our site. About 175 people lost their jobs with their work moved to the likes of Arizona, Kansas, South Carolina and India.I miss my Collins crew and I wish them all the best.
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Great Work Life Balance

Innovative work culture with good work life balance and helpful colleagues. Great learning opportunity within work. Skill development support within/outside company.

Points positifs

US Trips

Points négatifs

No Free Lunch
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Great organization with employee wellbeing policies

It is great company to work if you are looking your career in Aerospace domain.. It has best in class work and superb teams that help us in improving our career
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Fun to work and with great salary

It’s a great experience working with Collins, but as pandemic hits they tend to lay off employees and cannot sustain their operations. Met a lot of people with high morale and are professional by nature.
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Drama, two faced and Favoritism by Managers

Drama, especially in the CFD string room. They never meet production, bc everyone in the room is always stiring up confusion. Team lead really don’t kno much, that place really needs strong professional management that kno how to run the job facility and keep it in order.

Points positifs

Snitching, unfriendly co workers

Points négatifs

Long breaks
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The Bad- #1 the money. Your raises are below inflation and the management is inexperienced and unqualified.The good- So many amazing people that I love and call friends.
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Productive workplace that gives you a feeling of purpose

At orientation you are told about your benefits and things you earn. They also tell you about vacation time (added upon full employment) and how it is given to you at the beginning of the year. You ask for a day, supervisor has the say so if you get it or not. Then you get dock time and they inform you that vacation time is accrued in hours of 10. But they can dock you 71 hours that they say you don't have.
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Lack of integrity

Managers don’t Follow Core ValuesToxic work cultureHigh turnover No good performance reviews Managers often treats a particular individuals better than everyone else,and received a raise and promotion that is unrelated to their performance.

Points positifs

Free birthday cakes

Points négatifs

Health care is expensive
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It is a normal working company

Normal working company, they have good intelligent people working, and they have good working conditions and good tools plus they provide excellent information for work instructions.

Points positifs

Normal working conditions

Points négatifs

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Overall a good place to work. Great Benefits

Overall a very good work place with opportunity for growth. The benefits are really good. The downside is like with any organization sometime people get promoted into positions where they don't know what they are doing.
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Great work/life balance, poor compensation once hired

Great managers who strive for a strong work/life balance. No guilt in using PTO time or flex schedules. High deductible health plans only. Running joke is you need to quit and get rehired in order to get a decent pay jump.. or move positions often. Otherwise, no COL raises and standard 3% annual raises.
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A scattered company

Hard to find footing here, lots of empty promises. They want you to come through on your side of an agreement because you excel at certain aspects of the job, but don’t want to promote. Very political as far as maneuvering the company .
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Collins Aerospace

A day at work is pretty good. There are busier days when you have to work late to finish projects or meetings. I learned alot about myself working there. Having a good attitude about a work life balance and understanding that sometimes the team needs to come first. The management is more cooperate than it used to be. Culture is pretty good depending on the team that you work with. Others are more fun or rewarding to work with/for than others. The hardest part that I experienced was also the most fun which was travelling to new facilities to train throughout the United States. The most enjoyable part of the job was being busy that makes the day go by fast and often times you feel appreciated for doing extra work.
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If you want drama this the place

Management sucks, the work is easy but they want you to be robots, limited brakes, management will be Ontop of you if they don’t like you to fire you. Even if you do nothing wrong
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