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Not the right environment for me

What is the best part of working at the company?Company was flexible to my needs What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Some of the employees were somewhat difficult to work with What is the work environment and culture like at the company?I don't believe I would work there again What is a typical day like for you at the company?Not bad just try to do my job and get along with others
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Meh come here for 2 years and leave to get promoted

If you want to be promoted internally don’t come here. I’ve yet to see someone get promoted by showing they work hard and not have to beg for years to get it. Overall meh you can have your 6 figure salary but you have to fight to make more and it sucks

Points positifs

Sometimes free food once a quarter

Points négatifs

Never promote, leadership in shambles, IT department non-existent
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Working for Collins Aerospace is stressful due to poor management and has high turnover rate

What is the best part of working at the company?Nothing good about working for Collins Aerospace. The job/ tasks I tself is good, I worked for them for 5 yrs through a temp agency. Instead of hiring me they just kept extending my contract. The company has a high turnover rate. They are in constant hiring freeze. Didn’t get even one raise in five years. My supervisor was a total hot head, who was prone fits of anger, yelling, name calling, and throwing things in my direction. One day the temp agency call me on the phone and said, that they would no longer be needing my services at Collins Aerospace. They never even let me clean my locker outWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Bad management and boss was terrible. He would scream, call names, false accuse, and worse throw things. Once almost hit me in the head throwing a 2x4 at me.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Job tasks themselves were good. Clean environment. Did meet some good teammates What is a typical day like for you at the company?Stressful because of treatment from supervisor and others.
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If you have no kids and no social life this is your job

Doesn't know how to order so ur always behind and pressure to make more then u should... also some crews don't pull there weight and u have to deal with it cause no one cares about equal work or doing the right thing manager's have a million meetings and are useless ur lead is the only hope u have to understanding or problem solving also budget get messed up so u run machines into the ground and it'd ur fault...

Points positifs

Paid 12 hours

Points négatifs

12 hours shifts, nights honestly they don't pay that much
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Good Learning Experience

Helpful colleagues, good environment, interesting work. Never felt bored as a test engineering intern. Was able to learn a lot about the aerospace industry.
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It's good for a paycheck Weekly. You can sit down and work in some areas.

Work your schedule and keep your head down. Stay away from the gossip! Culture is not good. You'll want to quit, but you'll get locked in because you're gutting it out to get your yearly raise, that's economically outdated and not enough to survive after taxes, union dues, HSA, 401k, and benefits. After a year, you just go through the motions. You ultimately work to see your coworkers.

Points positifs

Paid Weekly that's it, Christmas Holiday 7 day shutdown

Points négatifs

No lunch breaks, Two 15 minute breaks or Three 12 minute breaks, depending on your shift
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I went beyond the extra mile. Trained for 3 Year to only give the position to someone else with no qualifications left at the same pay rate for 7 years
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Favoritism and degrading

The Management team leads by bullying their employees into what they want. It’s their way or no way. Very disorganized branch leadership is weak and ignorant. Do not care for their employees at all unless you are the favorite. Avoid working here.
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Great place to work

Lots of opportunities to grow and develop. You feel empowered to make decisions. They focus on continuous learning and growing. Positive atmosphere and great culture.
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Great place to work

Productive and fun workplace. really enjoyed my time there. Lots of vacation time., great pay schedule and lots of friendly people to work along with.
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Poor management

It is hard to get in, the application process. Training takes forever. No matter the qualifications you gain you do not move up any ladder. Lots of drama in the workplace and the work is very tedious.

Points positifs

Good benefits.

Points négatifs

Management, environment. It’s boring.
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Mixed Feelings About This Company

Not a bad place to work. Management doesn't really seem to care about the employees much, just the numbers on production so they can get their bonus,.pay isn't bad
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Stable work

Union shop. Lots of challenges. Good benifits coupled with endless opportunities and training would recommend for any new hires looking for a place e to start
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High Pressure Environment that offers so much learning opportunities

Collins is such a large company and you could feel it. So many opportunities for learning and growth but also so much beauracracy that slows everything down.
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Poor communication and opportunities are limited

Managers rarely transparent, favouritism, clicky culture, unfair HR processes, limited opportunities for those who want to progress. Worker bees left behind working. Slackers move up.
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Très bonne entreprise

Très bonne entreprise avec des valeurs fortes.Il y a des opportunités professionnelles, tant verticales que transversales, en France comme à l’étranger.
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Poor leadership high expectations, and no training

Company looks at you as a number. Does not care about the people on the floor who are performing the actual work. Always looking for you to give them more.
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Sehr vielseitiger Arbeitgeber mit spannenden Prozessen

Was ist das Beste daran, bei diesem Unternehmen zu arbeiten?extrem internationales Unternehmen, welches Compliance und Continuous Improvement sehr ernst nimmt.Was ist am anstrengendsten an der Arbeit bei diesem Unternehmen?Das Unternehmen ist stets in Bewegung und da sollte man Schritt halten könnenWie sind Arbeitsumfeld und -kultur bei diesem Unternehmen beschaffen?Das Arbeitsumfeld ist äusserst vielseitig und die Kultur ist sehr offen (open door, walk the talk, Code of Erics, Values, Mission and Vision) Wie sieht ein typischer Tag für Sie bei diesem Unternehmen aus?das kommt auf die Stelle und den Standort an
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Worst 8 years of my life wasted

What is the best part of working at the company?Nothing they over work you and there is bad benefits What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Always behind and favoritism they work the ones that work to death and the ones that don't get promoted What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Toxic the are a very woke company pushing California mandates take the shot or loose your jobWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Stress and never good enough and everything is wrong all the time
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Antiquated Mindset / Culture

Collins has evolved over several years, and it’s become obvious that it’s a victim of its own designs. In this case, many iterations of “reorganization” have slowly and steadily drained any remaining notable benefits from the companies storied past. The merger with UTC/RTX has brought no real change to the sole contributor, and the organization structure itself is stagnant. collins is a revolving door, and anyone younger quickly realizes that the company would ideally like its employees to remain in the same role rather than promote from within. There is no ladder, career pathing, or even succession planning. There’s only the eventuality that someone will quit, and maybe, if you’ve waited around long enough you might get their position.All the while, middle management remains the glass ceiling, existing purely to stonewall when they’re asked to provide some objective to work towards to get a promotion. This is because these milestones genuinely do not exist, and I wish I knew that going into it. “Managers” that speak to you three times a year give you a “review” without ever having read what you’ve wrote. There is zero accountability for them, from above or below, so you’re essentially at their mercy for your pittance of a raise.From a high level this is what Collins has become Regardless of the role, the benefits are the same. If you’re reading this, I’d tell you to look at the competition and come here as a last resort. Just know this employer is no longer trying to retain you if you're hired, but only exploit you for the lowest possible cost overtime.

Points positifs

Paid for my security clearance

Points négatifs

healthcare, few holidays
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