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Process Technician (Burlington, ON)
le 21 novembre 2018
good wages, benifits
Wages and benefits are top notch along with cost of living raises.This smaller business site is a nicer environment to work in , with a good mixture of people to work with .This is all due to the fact you are on day shift. There are no shift rotations , therefore you are on afternoons , nights or a weekend shift for an extremely log period of time( over 10 years in a lot of cases ). This ways heavily on time with family and Friends .not an easy place to work in regards to balancing work and your personal life.
Machine Operator (Burlington, ON)
le 21 septembre 2019
A terrible place to work
You can work hard each and everyday. You can be friendly with everyone but at the end of the day if your not related to someone or friends with whoever counts you won’t get in or be accepted to the Oakville Location since Burlington is closing down. Not based on job performance!!
Employee (Burlington, Ont, Canada)
le 31 janvier 2014
Company is much to focussed on looking "Lean" rather than putting out the work which pays the bills.
Managers are bobble heads. No freedom of expression there. You will be labelled a bad apple if you disagree with a process. It’s our way or the highway. Managers do not know how to talk to employees like humans. They mostly rule by the fist rather than by using employee engagement. We are the best resource people! We know more than anybody else, how our environment revolves and where the defects are. We don't go to work to fail! We want to make suggestions that work best for all. The team working in the Burlington plant are top notch. I can honestly say most people there do not like their managers and just show up to produce and get paid. Robots. The leader is vain and wants to look fierce. Just a stepping stone for something better to come. It was once a fun place to work. Everybody had fun and laughed. Ever since UTAS took over, it went downhill very fast. DAM you! There's nothing wrong with working and laughing. Makes for a very productive environment! It's gotten Amerisized! Not sure what else to say. Had my share of great times, and dark time. Keep my head low and under the radar. COME ON 3PM!

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