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Frontline (Ancien employé) –  Canada19 juin 2019
I would not recommend this job, even if it's a part-time stepping stone type thing you are looking into. Here is why:

The hiring process takes a minimum of 4 weeks. You will get back and forth answers about when your starting date will be, who to report too, what is going on during that period etc. That is a red flag. Next comes the fact you will be told and scheduled to be trained, though will learn upon your first day that no one, in fact has been trained. Including the Team Lead & Management. Our Team Lead had put in their notice and walked out of the job during my training process so that says a lot about the current environment. Then, you will have the knowledge that the entire Frontline team prior to your current one, has turned over TWICE in the span of 6 months. And almost all people in upper Management as well. The system used for booking, check in & out and inventory is a complete nightmare that crashes everyday or decides not to work at least twice a month; ensuing chaos in loss of appointments, not being able to properly check out guests and retail items. The store still manually operates on top of this without providing proper receipts. IT and Management do nothing to help or rectify this as it's a consistent problem. The location I worked at had no Manager/ Team Lead, and no plans of even hiring someone to fill this position. We had no support or guidance for our team, expected to fulfill managerial duties without sufficient pay or training; and were played upon one another with gossip about each others performance from upper Management. Workplace safety was
  plus... also a problem due to location with drug addicts, people inebriated outside the store, and even yes, defecating behind the store; and general theft with product and employees personal belongings. Anytime communication was relayed to upper Management you were met with dismissal and told you were 'overreacting'. Also people were frequently underpaid on payroll due to the crashing 'Shortcuts' system messing around hours. I think in the span of working there, I saw almost 5 people walk out.  moins
Points positifs
50% off product, Paid product knowledge 2 day course, Flexible with request days off, Overall good co-workers & team
Points négatifs
Poor pay, Poor management, High turnover, Little to no sufficient training, Zero support from Head Office, Gossip, Products are not all organic
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