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Would not reccomend to my worst enemy
Sales Associate (Employé actuel) –  Pointe-Claire, QC20 juillet 2019
To anyone looking for a job wether its part time or full time, i wouldnt apply here. There are multiple reasons why i would not wish this job even to my worst enemy.
First of all, they have hired a new manager in the last few months and unfortunately us as sales associates have found ourselves training them from time to time. They hired them without having any prior experience with the company.
Second of all, you will get used at this job. They will talk you into taking more shifts even if you are a part timer, they will sweet talk their way into being your *friend* and then dump a whole load on you.
Third of all, even though it seems like a nice quiet environment to work at, you will be receiving calls and texts during your shift from your manager telling you not to stand by the cash or calls to give you orders on what to do. They will look at the cameras and call you the second they see something they dont like.
Last but not least, you will get mistreated regardless of how many sales you make or how many customers you bring in. Not to mention when you need a sick day or a day off they most likely wont give it to you and it will keep going until the day you finally quit.

So please, before applying to this job, do yourself a favor and just dont, its not worth the headaches and the mental and emotional abuse that this place does to you. Its not worth it at all.
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50% off products
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abusvie, negative environment
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