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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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J ai travailler 36ans jamais eu rien à redire.tres belle équipe.
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Too much favoritism .

Rampant favoritism and mediocrity on the part of management. Its who you know! Some people work very hard and others do next to nothing and get away with it because of favoritism!
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Support, collaboration, développement de l'employabilité

Milieu de travail stimulant et collaboratif. Support ++ pour la conciliation travail-famille-études!
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Good Exposure For Young Grads

The job training was good and well thought-out, which is more than I can say for most of my previous jobs. Fast paced; must be intentional with your time and plan routes accordingly. There's room for advancement and ongoing coaching which I appreciated. General workplace culture isn't for the faint of heart.
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They lied about the job posting and when I got a full time permanent position on my first day management told me I was a temporary employee so leaving from a full time job for this was a joke they will beat around the bush and will replace anyone in an instant nothing is organized and is very sketchy environment management keeps to themselves

Points négatifs

Lied about the job posting
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Enjoyed my time here

Fast and faster paced depending on the season.Enjoyed the swag and people I worked with. I would work here again.A great student job for the summer season.

Points positifs

Good social committee and swag

Points négatifs

Management should spend more time on the floor
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Great Place to Work

There is lots of room for advancement. Culture is really good and everyone is supportive. Everyday is something new which makes work exciting. Good place to start out and grow.
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Good for independant workers

If you're in need of work its not the worst. It depends on the route youre assigned too. Some are insanely heavy from salepeople over ordering. Some are managed great. Ralely do they promote from within so dont get your hopes up. Try not to get hurt as well, it doesnt seem too physical at first but the days add up. If you can stay on top of your stores and build a good reputation with the managers you can have an enjoyable time at Coca Cola.
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It is a fun place to work the people are excellent

The job was awesome at the time I just wanted a break from my job so I retired and now I like to get a job a few days a week as a merchandising if it is possible in 40 years I never miss much time
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Part time merchandiser has no support

Only merchandising positions in Coke are part time but I worked full time hours. No benefits at all.I worked for over two years trying to move up to sales positions while watching new hires move ahead of me.They focus their appreciation on the sales team and not the merchandisers.The amount of physical work I had to do with no incentives was not worth it any longer. Very physical work, full time hours, part time pay and no health benefits or vacation days to recover from injuries is not a good work environment.

Points positifs

No pros

Points négatifs

"Be less white" is one example of how they treat employees.
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Order picker

I was an order picker briefly and enjoyed my experience with the company. Overall a great starting point for anyone looking to get into warehouse work
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Not the Best Place to Work

Overall, the company is decent. However, there is no room for growth & salary & benefits aren't competitive. Training and support was terrible in this role.
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de travailler et réussir

J’aime travailler d’un grand enterprise Coca Cola
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Management sucks!

I’ll save you some reading. I’ve been there over 30 years. Don’t work here. I’m retiring soon and I can’t wait for that to happen. It’s a toxic work environment unfortunately. It used to be good but new owners took over a few years ago and they only care about money.

Points positifs

4 day week

Points négatifs

Everything else
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good money, bad people. ceo seems nice but huge gamble with managers

no work life balanceunappreciative managerslazy managershigher management says one thing and lower management does differentled by the whip, always worried about job securitydon't care about your healthlots of promises and nice things SAID but no ACTION.GREAT MONEY.terrible people that breed other terrible peopledecent vac time but work load is HUGE when you take vacation, managers are useless and don't help.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

most things
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amazing people and culture

smart and engaged people and managers. fun culture. Everyone is focused on common goals. lots of opportunities to learn and grow. they offer continuous trainings and team building.
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Job is good, union employees not so much

Everyone above you is acting like a boss and telling you off all the time. ( mostly bullying). You definitely have to carry the work load of the lazy people. The company and management were good to deal with, but when it came to the union, their hands were tied and limited to what they can do. workplace culture was toxic with other employees. they always had someone to pick on. But the work itself was not all that bad.

Points positifs

management, job security

Points négatifs

Drama, bullying, long hours, work load, no set work position.(you do everyone's jobs)
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dont care about employees at all

no help offered, ignored emails/calls. management was awful. work was hard but OT made it worth it. But you wont be able to balance home/work life working here.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere

Coca-Cola has little to no respect for their employees, benefits keep disappearing every year and even during the height of the pandemic they stopped the pension plan compensation even though they made more money than ever in that period. Also, if you are looking for benefits, working 40 hours a week doesn't guarantee you the full-time status. Very poor management and no respect for requests to have regular days off. They also do not care about the mental health of their employees, do yourself a favor and do not work for a company who makes a profit of polluting every corner of this planet.
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Poor management, most of the workers are good people

Poor management. No leadership. The good supervisors just try to lay low and not get noticed. Union is good. Seniority rules. You will be on a nights or afternoons for at least 5 years. As a mechanic you will be on afternoons forever. The day guys are going nowhere. No support you will be working alone. Will be doing PM"s and inspections.
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Nice place to work but hard work

Solid gig to get your foot in the door. Decent pay at $18.25 an hour. But it's hard work. Wear and tear on your own vehicle as well which sucks. Full time hours available though
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