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Why would you want to work at COBS Bread?

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  • First of all working with cobs bread is one of my dream. secondly love and prosperity at the company.thirdly I love the way they are organized

  • Because it's always my dream to share experience and love that I have for the company

  • To enhance my interpersonal skills

  • This is my hope

  • It’s a great place to be, I enjoy going to work and being able to do what I do here. It’s easy, but energizing and productive. The staff and management are another great incentive to be here. You also get to know your customers, which makes the experience of working with the public a lot more comfortable.

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  • Hmmm the work is good and requires a lot of physical job and past face environment

  • Customer ,great product

  • You need work. You dont mind customers or fast paced orders.

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